10 Best Taekwondo Shoes in 2023 – Buying Guide

Taekwondo does not have any special rules when it comes to training in shoes. Therefore, you can train with or without them. For some, they are a prison, and to others, they are a real help. Although more people train barefoot, taekwondo shoes help with impact absorption and give you solid ground under your feet with specially intended protruding soles. This leads to the conclusion that you will benefit from their use if you feel comfortable in them.

Adidas Contestant Pro Taekwondo Training Shoes

Adidas Contestant Pro Taekwondo Training Shoes
  • Official Shoes of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo
  • Lightweight for speed performance
  • Apply as a sock thanks to excellent ankle support. Back pockets for easy slipping. Perfect fit...
  • Slim and elastic sole.
  • Ideal for Taekwondo, Karate and any martial art.
  • Size: 8.3” – 12.2”
  • Color: Black-red, white-gold, black-white, and white-black
  • Materials: Synthetic textile and rubber sole
  • Attributes: Official Shoes of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo
  • Characteristics: Lightweight, movement-free, and long-lasting

To start the list, Adidas brings us the official shoes used at the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020, which will be great for your Taekwondo campaigns. You can buy them for $89.99, available in a wide range of sizes from 8.3” to 12.2” and in colors such as black-red, white-gold, black-white, and white-black.

They are made of materials that will not affect your movements and provide durability and longevity. The composition of the material uses a lightweight synthetic textile for your speed performance and a slim and elastic rubber sole to ensure your solid guard on the ground. They are worn like easy-slipping socks with excellent ankle support.

Dioche Taekwondo Shoes

Dioche Taekwondo Shoes
  • Classic Design: Innovative shoes, with upper breathable material, make them play their functional...
  • Lightweight and Breathable: Specially designed for Taekwondo, Boxing, Kung Fu and TaiChi. By wearing...
  • NON-SLIP & ELASTIC: This product adopts TPR rubber soles, thickener and non-slip, good elasticity...
  • Multiple Sizes: There are 20 sizes to choose from, suitable for adults and children, men and women....
  • Ideal for Training: Simple and classic design with good quality, comfortable to wear. NOTE:...
  • Size: 26 – 45, 6.5″ – 10.4″ (foot length)
  • Color: White
  • Materials: Polyurethane material with a TPR rubber sole
  • Attributes: Highly comfortable wearing experience
  • Characteristics: Soft, elastic, and durable

Dioche taekwondo shoes with an innovative design can be yours for a solid $34.99 in white. They are produced in sizes 26 to 45 to fit anyone’s feet length from 6.5″ to 10.4″. They are made of quality polyurethane material with double-stitching and TPR rubber soles.

They promise free movement, softness, and a comfortable wearing experience due to the lining materials, and thanks to a reliable sole that has good elasticity and non-slip qualities. This simple and light design also uses a reinforced heel that will not be torn so easily, no matter how often you take them off and put them on.

HHEALTH Taekwondo rode Shoes

  • Size: Women’s (4.5″ – 10.5″) and men’s (3.5″ – 9.5″)
  • Color: Black-white 
  • Materials: PU and rubber
  • Attributes: Ventilation holes and vertical anchor
  • Characteristics: Wear-resistant, comfortable, and protective

HHEALTH shoes will cost you $69.90. The order comes in black and white, with both women’s (4.5″ – 10.5″) and men’s (3.5″ – 9.5″) sizes available. In the composition, they use high-quality PU covers with high-density rubber outsole and natural rubber on the sole.

Due to the clever arrangement of materials, they are resistant to bending, wear-resistant, stable, and very comfortable, and they also have protective properties. They use adjustable side laces for perfect fit and multidirectional ventilation holes that will make you sweat less. As a special feature, the shoes have a vertical anchor point for even easier and more agile movements.

Otomix Original Lite Shoes

Otomix Original Lite Shoes
  • Indoor/Outdoor sole
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Thin and flexible sole
  • Slip on with laced top
  • Great for Bodybuilding
  • Size: 7 – 15
  • Color: White-black trim, white-purple trim, and white-grey trim
  • Materials: 100% synthetic cover with rubber sole
  • Attributes: Good for inside and outside training
  • Characteristics: Durable, lightweight, and flexible

Otomix shoes are great if you have time to go to the gym and taekwondo practice. They can be yours for $69.00 and are available in sizes 7 – 15 and in white-black trim, white-purple trim, and white-grey trim. As for the material, they use a 100% synthetic cover.

This makes them lightweight and durable, and a thin and flexible rubber sole that wraps the foot for balance and kicking power and is suitable for training outside and inside. They use a quick slip-in dressing method, making them very practical with a laced top for the best possible safety of your ankles and a firm grip.

DAFLIN Taekwondo Shoes

DAFLIN Taekwondo Shoes
  • Comfort experience: soft and comfortable,In Tai Chi and other martial arts exercises, shoes make the...
  • Classic design: the innovative upper is made of breathable upper materials to play a functional role...
  • High quality upper: high-quality material, breathable fabric, effective sweat wicking, soft and...
  • Multiple sizes: A variety of sizes are available, suitable for adults and children, both men and...
  • Professional martial arts shoes: light and breathable, streamlined design, to protect the foot,...
  • Size: 28 – 45, 6.9” – 10.8”
  • Color: Black-gold
  • Materials: Fabric materials and rubber sole
  • Attributes: Sweat-wicking properties
  • Characteristics: Breathable with a high level of comfort

If you want to look different from other colleagues with white shoes, then DAFLIN shoes are the perfect choice. You can order them for $26.60 in black-gold color. Shoes in sizes 28 – 45 are available for all foot lengths from 6.9″ to 10.8″. With this order comes a high level of comfort and freedom, easy to wear, and you can use them anywhere.

They are made of high-quality, breathable fabric, assembled with solid sewing and a rubber sole. They are effective in sweat-wicking, so you won’t have to worry about a lot of sweat during training. DAFLIN’s high performance and long-lasting quality are ensured by excellent workmanship and many seams at the tension spots.

Taekwondo ADIKICK

Taekwondo ADIKICK
  • Sizes: CH12, CH13, 1, 2.5, 4, 5-11.5(half size), 12.5
  • White with Stripes
  • Size: CH12, CH13, 1, 2.5, 4, 5-11.5(half size), 12.5
  • Color: White-black with Adidas logo
  • Materials: PU cover with rubber sole
  • Attributes: Firm and stable ankle support
  • Characteristics: Durable, long-lasting, perfect fit and comfort

Another phenomenal shoe from Adidas, better known as ADIKICK. Available for $69.99 in white-black and sizes CH12, CH13, 1, 2.5, 4, 5-11.5(half size), 12.5. Made of quality and durable materials to last you, which are lightweight and do not restrict movement.

Adidas uses PU material and rubber soles for better traction. Be careful when choosing your measurements if you want a maximum comfortable wearing experience and a perfect fit. The laces in these shoes provide incredible ankle support and stability that will prevent them from falling off.

Mooto Korea Taekwondo Training Shoes

Mooto Korea Taekwondo Training Shoes
  • Martial footwear that completely fits you / * These shoes are martial arts shoes, so wear them one...
  • Its elasticity does notchange whether you put one the shoes well or not
  • Kick and Rush Let's drive with Mooto / * It's good for other martial arts shoes besides Taekwondo.
  • Martial footwear that completely fits you, Its elasticity does not change whether you put one the...
  • Size : 185 ~ 295(10 Unit fro each size) / Material : Upper-Nami PU / Outsole-Rubber, Color : White
  • Size: 12C, and 1 – 11
  • Color: White-black
  • Materials: Synthetic, rubber, EVA, and urethane
  • Attributes: Convertible shoes
  • Characteristics: Ventilation properties, good fit, and superior comfort

You will be positively surprised if you decide on Mooto Drive3 training shoes. They can be yours for $62.15, and Amazon offers up to -50% discount, so if you have the right timing, you can buy these shoes for $12.15. Available in classic white and black, in sizes 12C and 1 – 11, with a recommendation to order the number above for a good fit.

They are produced with an excellent and durable material composition consisting of microfiber synthetics on the upper part and rubber soles. There are also breathable materials for better air ventilation, urethane, and EVA foam for superior comfort and training experience. They come with a convertible feature with elastic performance that won’t break down so easily.

DAYISS Martial Arts Taekwondo Shoes

DAYISS Martial Arts Taekwondo Shoes
  • ♡Tips: Because of the complications of international shoes size,we hope that you can refer to our...
  • ♡Material: Made of senior material, which is durable, and non-slip with exquisite design and...
  • ♡Excellent Sneakers: High performance shoes with excellent workmanship and maximum durability.
  • ♡Comfortable: This product adopts rubber soles, thicken and non-slip, good elasticity and...
  • ♡Occasion: The innovative shoes which is lightweight and , play its functional roles well, and...
  • Size: Toddlers(9.5), little kids(11 – 13.5), big kids(1.5 – 6.5), and adults(7 – 9.5)
  • Color: White-black
  • Materials: PU and rubber sole
  • Attributes: More air and less sweat
  • Characteristics: Pliable, long-lasting, and lightweight 

DAYISS shoes for taekwondo training will guarantee a comfortable experience for $21.99. Available in white and black in sizes for toddlers (9.5), little kids (11 – 13.5), big kids (1.5 – 6.5) and adults (7 – 9.5). Pliable with double stitching for longevity, made of PU material with quality workmanship, and thick and non-slip rubber sole with good elasticity.

Shoes are lightweight, doing their job perfectly, with reinforced heels and ventilation holes for airflow and less sweat. They use quick and practical laces for a perfect fit and good ankle support, giving you comfortable movements.

‎GINGPAI BOXING Taekwondo Training Shoes

‎GINGPAI BOXING Taekwondo Training Shoes
  • 【Classic Design】Innovative Taekwondo shoes, with upper breathable material, make them play their...
  • 【Lightweight and Breathable】Specially designed for Taekwondo, Boxing, Martial Arts,Kung Fu and...
  • 【Non-Slip & Elastic】This sports sneaker adopts rubber soles, thickener and non-slip, good...
  • 【Multiple Sizes】There are 19 sizes to choose from, suitable for adults and children, men and...
  • 【Ideal for Training】 Simple and classic design with good quality, you are worth it,these shoes...
  • Size: 27 – 45
  • Color: White-orange and white-purple
  • Materials: Polyurethane cover and rubber sole 
  • Attributes: Good for running and outdoor training
  • Characteristics: Soft, flexible, and long-lasting

‎GINGPAI serves us shoes with a different look and color than the ones we are used to. They can be yours for $31.99 – $49.99, in sizes 27 – 45, and colors white-orange and white-purple. Made with breathable Polyurethane cover for more comfort and less sweating. These shoes use double stitching for lasting quality.

The sole is rubber, which is stable, firm on the ground, and comfortable and soft on the inside. Due to the composition of the materials, the shoes are flexible and lightweight and fulfill their role. You can also use them for running and training outside. They are aesthetically attractive, affordable, and suitable in 19 sizes for all genders and ages.

MSMAX Unisex Shoes For Taekwondo Training 

MSMAX Unisex Shoes For Taekwondo Training
  • Design for Martial Arts Kung fu Boxing Karate Taichi Taekwondo,Perfect for beginner or professional
  • Light weight and Comfortable,with senior breathable material, make it play its functional roles,...
  • Simple and classic design with rubber sole give you a comfortable wearing experience.
  • There are Child size and Women size for choosing, suitable for children and adult.Please carefully...
  • Size: Women (9.44″ – 11.22″), toddlers, big and small children (7.48″ – 9.25″)
  • Color: White color with red stripes and black interior
  • Materials: Polyurethane cover and rubber sole
  • Attributes: Ventilation cavities
  • Characteristics: Snug fit, movement-free, tight but soft

We finish the list with another quality product, this time from MSMAX production for $19.90 – $23.90, depending on the color you buy, intended for women (9.44″ – 11.22″), toddlers, big and small children (7.48″ – 9.25″). Available in white color with red stripes and black interior, made of outer material in the form of PU with a breathable function performed by ventilation cavities spread along the entire surface.

Like any other rubber surface, the sole provides solid ground under your feet without limiting your acrobatic capabilities. Snug without tightness, soft, and lightweight, these shoes are everything they should be for you.

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