10 Best Taekwondo Sparring Helmets in 2024 – Buying Guide

If you are an avid Taekwondo practitioner, you should be aware of the importance of your physical health. Using equipment that provides the best possible protection for your head should be your primary goal. Whether your status is amateur, hobbyist, or professional, maintaining the health of your head will not only ensure you an extended training life but will save you from unnecessary headaches and concussions in an active life outside the gym. This list will help you choose the best protection for your head.

TuToing Martial Arts Helmet

TuToing Martial Arts Helmet
  • ★Note:1.Before use, wash your face! Cosmetics containing alcohol will react with the helmet...
  • 【Adjustable Taekwondo Helmet】: karate headgear for kids 360°full coverage, tightness can be...
  • 【Karate Headgear with Face Shield】: taekwondo sparring gear offers Removable lightweight clear...
  • 【Sparring Soft Helmet】: taekwondo headgear Lightweight, soft, inside high density foam, good...
  • 【Breathable Head Gear】: Soft helmet is equipped with multiple air vents to discharge heat and...
  • Size: S, M, L, and XL
  • Color: Blue and red
  • Made of: Polyurethane, high-density foam
  • Features: Polycarbonate face shield
  • Traits: Lightweight, sweat-free, perfect fit, and maximum head safety

The manufacturing company TuToing offers head protectors suitable for children and adults. You can order the helmet for $42.99. Available in red and blue colors. Size selection offers sizes S, M, L, and XL, and before ordering, I advise you to measure your head circumference.

The outer construction of the helmet is polyurethane, which is tough and impact resistant, and the interior is high-density foam. Constructed of specially selected materials that are soft, skin-friendly, and easy to wear, and will not create any burden while sparring.

The helmet has a high level of elasticity. It is waterproof and easy to wipe and clean. It has well-distributed cavities that have a ventilation role in allowing the high temperature to leave your head, making you dry and cool.

One of the features of this helmet is that it comes with a transparent polycarbonate face shield that will protect your face and, at the same time, allow you to breathe without restrictions. The face mask uses a convenient velcro design clip for a perfect fit, making it quick and easy to put on and off. It also has double-padded chin protection, which completes the overall preservation of your head.

Adidas DELUX Taekwondo Head Guard

Adidas DELUX Taekwondo Head Guard
  • Extra light
  • Fast closing with an elastic strap
  • Soft EVA material ensures an easy adjusting to the head shape
  • CE Approved
  • WT Approved
  • Size: S, M, L, and XL
  • Color: White, red, and blue
  • Made of: EVA material with foam padding
  • Features: Ear canals and sweat-free ventilation
  • Traits: Durable, lightweight, snug, and comfortable fit

Highly rated by satisfied customers, the Adidas DELUX taekwondo protective helmet, recognized by the World Taekwondo Federation, is designed to give you maximum protection during sparring. You can order it for $58.00 to $65.00, depending on your chosen size.

They are available in S, M, L, and XL, which makes them suitable for Taekwondo practitioners of all ages and genders. Available colors are white, red, and blue. This head guard covers the front, back, top, and sides.

The surface layer is of soft EVA material with a perfect adjustment for all head shapes, and the interior contains protective foam padding tasked to prevent head injuries and high impact absorption. The helmet is easy to put on and off with the hook-and-loop closure under the chin.

It uses a particular cut to reduce the uncomfortable pressure of the helmet on the neck, which is the case with many other helmets. It is lightweight to carry and guarantees a snug fit and comfort. It features ear release canals to protect your ears and sides of your head without reducing your hearing during training and uses air holes for excellent sweat-free ventilation. It has been available on the market for ten years and is highly recommended by experts.

DEFY Head Guard

DEFY Head Guard
  • Made of premium synthetic leather outer shell provides extended, long-term usage.
  • High Quality
  • Using high quality removable grill .
  • The creative drawing used for developing ideal pro-style design.
  • Super thick layered high-density foam padding lined with Gel provides an extra-comfortable barrier.
  • Size: S, M, L, and XL
  • Color: Black, blue, red, and white
  • Made of: Premium synthetic leather, foam, and gel
  • Features: Removable grill, ventilation system
  • Traits: Durable, long-lasting, superior safety and comfort

If you are indecisive about the choice, the company DEFY can help you with its wide range of martial equipment and also offers superior protective helmets of an attractive model. It is a relatively new company founded in 2018 with low prices and solid quality.

You can order the DEFY head guard at an affordable price of $35.99 in sizes S, M, L, and XL. Available colors are black, blue, red, and white. The helmet is made of premium synthetic leather with a solid frame and reinforced stitching for durability and longevity.

It is filled with a thick layer of high-density foam lined with Gel for extra comfort and superior protection. Premium quality straps are responsible for a perfect fit and firm position of the helmet on your head, and they use an excellent ventilation system for sweat-free use.

The main accessory of this helmet is the outer shell, which forms a high-quality removable grill that protects your face without hindering breathing and visibility during training. DEFY headgear is designed to absorb and distribute impact, keeping you safe and comfortable. Suitable for all ages who want to take their training to a new level while looking stylish in the gym.

FIVING Headgear

FIVING Headgear
  • 【Ultra light】 Taekwondo Helmet Is Light And Soft, With High-Density Foam Inside, And Good...
  • 【Adjustable Mask】 The Tightness Can Be Adjusted At Will. The Light And transparent Detachable...
  • 【Breathable Design】 It Is Equipped With Multiple Vents To Discharge Heat And Moisture During...
  • 【Thickened Inner Liner】It Covers The Forehead, Cheeks And Chin, Thickens The Inner Liner, And...
  • 【Quality Assurance】Versatile kickboxing headgear that is perfect Ideal for Taekwondo, Karate,...
  • Size: S, M, and L
  • Color: Red and blue
  • Made of: polycarbonate material, high-density foam
  • Features: Ventilation, protection mask, and ear holes
  • Traits: Elastic, high shock absorption, lightweight and comfortable

In its well-known range of equipment, FIVING offers a Martial Arts helmet primarily intended for karate and taekwondo. Although, it is multipurpose because it can be utilized for other striking sports such as MMA, Kickboxing, Boxing, or Muay Thai.

You can check it out for $39.99 to $42.99, depending on the size you buy, and it is available in S, M, and L. The colors you can choose from their offer are red and blue. The helmet is coated with 0.78-inch thick polycarbonate material, while the interior is of high-density foam, and the entire construction is elastic and has high shock absorption, which makes it very effective in protection.

The versatile helmet has a hollow design that makes it comfortable and allows your head to breathe during training. Ventilation also serves for heat and moisture discharge. The helmet has a protective transparent mask that protects your face with an accent on the extra padding on the chin.

With the help of wide velcro bands, you can adjust the appropriate size and secure the helmet on your head. In addition to the ventilation cavities, it also has holes in the ears that allow you to hear during training. 

Pro Force Lightning Headgear

Pro Force Lightning Headgear
  • 3/4" thick foam
  • Ultra Channeling Ventilation openings throughout for breathability
  • Vinyl covering over dense foam core
  • Contoured for maximum protection and ventilation
  • Size: S, M, L, XL, and XXL
  • Color: Black, white, silver, red, and blue
  • Made of: PVC and foam
  • Features: ventilation cutouts
  • Traits: Lightweight, elastic, and sweat-free 

Suppose you want a slightly different head protection than the usual models without standing out too much from your colleagues in the training room. In that case, the Pro Force Lightning helmet is the proper choice.

You can order this simple and modern protection for $32.00 to $25.99, depending on the size you buy. Lightning helmets are suitable for all genders, ages, and head sizes. They are available in sizes of S, M, L, XL, and XXL and colors black, white, silver, red, and blue.

The helmet’s construction consists of a 3/4″ thick polyvinyl chloride covering filled with dense foam, making it elastic and light without losing its protection. The helmet is contoured to provide maximum protection, with specially designed cutouts that allow for super ventilation, which enables a cool and sweat-free training experience.

The helmet protection includes the forehead with cutouts around the eyes, allowing greater peripheral vision and protecting the ears without reducing hearing. It uses an elastic chin strap with an adjustable hook-and-loop closure, allowing you a perfect fit if you order the correct size.

With a good reputation and ten years in the making, the Pro Force Lightning is quality protection that guarantees comfort and champion-like impact absorption.

RDX T1B-S Headgear

RDX T1B-S Headgear
  • EXCEPTIONAL DURABILITY RDX Boxing Headgear is exclusively made of Maya Hide Leather material that...
  • Tri slabs of attenuating foam supporting layer. It is helpful for absorption.
  • Quick EZ hook and loop strap offers a secure and adjustable fit reducing chances of slipping off....
  • The PVC grill provides a minimal buffer against strikes. It further confirms your vision is not...
  • EVA Lution sheet delivers resistance. The Foam layer support uniformly dissipates the across surface...
  • Size:S, M, L, and XL
  • Color: Black, blue, pink, and red
  • Made of: Maya-hide leather with multi-material padding
  • Features: Padded top and removable face grill
  • Traits: Superior protection, excellent absorption, affordable

RDX has proven itself a hundred times as a reliable source for whatever you need in martial arts gear. It is the same with their RDX multipurpose helmet, which is used for striking sports and grappling.

You can order it at an incredibly affordable price of $39.99 in sizes S, M, L, and XL, and the available colors are black, blue, pink, and red. It is made of several layers of different materials and lined with Maya-hide leather.

Underneath the leather cover is a calibrated impact diffusion sheet, EVA-solution sheet, compressed EVA-solution sheet, and sponge-x padding, which provide one of the best protections you will find on the market. It also protects the top of the head with an EVA padded top, and on the back, it uses a quick and easy hook-and-loop fastener for a solid fit.

An exceptional feature that sets this product apart from others is the removable face grill that protects your face and thus completes the protection of your entire head. The face grill uses the same closure as the helmet located on the front. It’s incredible to think that such an innovative product has been around for a decade.

FA-Xtreme Helmet

FA-Xtreme Helmet
  • ESSENTIAL HEADGEAR: Whether you're sparring in the ring or the octagon you need to guard your head....
  • EASY TO WEAR: We make our MMA headgear with Hook & Loop straps around the cap of the head and the...
  • ADJUSTABLE FIT: The Hook & Loop Straps on this helmet makes it the perfect boxing headgear for men,...
  • Gumshield: Along with the martial arts headgear, your purchase also comes with a GumShield and...
  • QUALITY MAKE: This boxing head guard is made from the highest quality polyurethane leather and...
  • Size: S/M, L/XL
  • Color: Black
  • Made of: polyurethane, foam filling
  • Features: Gum shield, mesh covering, and ventilation
  • Traits: Superior safety, sweat-free, and durable

FA-Xtreme offers you extreme protection for extreme martial arts from its store. You can order their premium headgear for $33.90 in black and sizes small/medium and large/Xlarge. This product is still hot and fresh on the market, and its outer layer consists of high-quality ‎polyurethane.

Under the cover is foam filling intended for absorption cleverly spread over the entire head, the thickness of which is 1 inch on the forehead, 0.8 inches on the cheeks, and 0.4 inches on the ears. It uses an adjustable hook-and-loop closure at the top and a closure at the back of the head with additional safety padding.

The closure used on the helmet provides a custom fit and minimizes shifting, making it easy to put on and take off. Regardless of the large spread of filling and protection, it enables a 180-degree view. It uses mesh ear coverings and ventilation holes on the top of the head to relieve you of the heat and allow you to train with a cool head. Along with ordering a helmet, you also get a gum shield tasked to protect your teeth from sneaky blows to the mouth.

RDX JHR-F1R Headgear

  • Size: head diameter of 17.7 inches
  • Color: Red and blue
  • Made of: Maya hide leather, three-layer foam
  • Features: Extra padding, maximum ventilation, high absorption
  • Traits: Long-lasting, durable, perfect fit, sweat and movement free

Another outstanding head protection from the shelves from quality RDX production is this timeless complex design than the previous one. This helmet is the best option for parents who support their child’s martial arts training and are concerned about their health because it is particularly designed for youngsters.

You can order it for the low price of $20.99 in red and blue. Headgear is of high quality with a CE certification and SATRA approval. Filled with three-layer foam filling, reinforced cushion, and padding for maximum safety of your child’s head.

The padded layers are covered with Maya hide leather, which is durable and guarantees the longevity of the equipment without falling apart after a short time. When choosing, you have only one size with a head diameter of 17.7 inches, a customized lower strap on the chin, and a quick and easy hook-and-loop closure on the back of the head to ensure a secure fit and minimize shifting despite the child’s maximum movement.

Due to the adjustable closure, it will allow your child to use it for a long time and have a good fit while he is physically developing. It uses jumbolon padding for high shock absorption and maximum ventilation at the top of the head to keep sweat and heat away from your child during training.

Grebest Headgear

Grebest Headgear
  • 🙌【HEALTH & ADVENTURE】 - Headgear is degisned for everyone who is bold on breaking...
  • 🥊【 ULTIMATE DESIGN】 - A right padding gives you as much widen vision to watch other's...
  • 📐【SECURE & FIT: Size Details】 - [S] Horizontal Inner Circumference: 65cm/25.59";[M]...
  • ⚖️【 LIGHTWEIGHT & COMFORTABLE】 - We studied people's head size shape and Customized for...
  • 🎁 【100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE】 - We are committed to customer experience, and offer quality...
  • Size: S, M, L, and XL
  • Color: Red and blue
  • Made of: polycarbonate, synthetic leather
  • Features: quick and easy velcro strap, ventilation
  • Traits: skin-friendly, comfortable, durable, and sweat-free

Having the correct and appropriate headgear for the best and safest performance in training and competition is crucial. For the low price of $10.00, Grebest offers you high protection and the removal of all fear and false security.

You can order this plain safety helmet in blue and red, available in all sizes S, M, L, and XL for children and adults of any gender. Made from premium polycarbonate material that is durable and wear-resistant. The interior consists of the correct padding of synthetic leather obligated for shock absorption.

The helmet is easy to put on and take off and comfortable to wear with a strong Velcro fastener under the chin for a secure fit. The materials are skin-friendly, with a lining that prevents the helmet from slipping even when you sweat, and the ventilation holes are responsible for as little sweat as possible.

With all the safety, it will not block your field of view, and the padded ear protection will not reduce your hearing. Considering the low price that everyone can afford, this product has a high rating.

Rex Headgear

Rex Headgear
  • Head Gear is made with High Quality Rex Leather with maximum durability are best for professional...
  • Extended Chin Guard
  • Adjustable Velcro Strap for Closure give best level of head fitness
  • Microfiber non slip inner lining.
  • Extra padded ears and cheeks add maximum coverage
  • Size: S, M, L, and XL
  • Color: Matt black
  • Made of: high-quality and premium genuine leather, multi-layer foam
  • Features: Enhanced padding, ventilation cavities
  • Traits: ultra-lightweight, superior safety, sweat and heat-free

Amazing headgear was designed by Rex Sports for all impact sports with complete protection for all parts of your child’s precious head, including mouth, cheeks, forehead, and ears. For an affordable $23.99, you can order their helmet in sizes S, M, L, and XL in an attractive matte black color.

Headgear is made of high-quality and premium genuine leather to prevent wear and tear, which increases the durability of the helmet and the safety of your little ones. Enhanced with multi-layer thick foam for high absorption, which, with a spongy padded top, eliminates all possibilities of head injury.

Comfortable and soft on the inside, ultra-lightweight, and easy to put on and take off with an adjustable hook and loop strap on the chin that provides a perfect fit and stability of the helmet without unnecessary movements.

It contains ventilation cavities on the top and sides of the head to ensure airflow, which guarantees a sweat and heat-free fighting experience. With complete head protection, it supports your vision and hearing without any aggravating circumstances.

The best quality of this product is that your wallet will not suffer damage, and your child’s head will be maximally safe during intense training sessions.

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