15 Best Jump Ropes for Boxing in 2023 – Buying Guide

Getting a good jump rope for boxing doesn’t have to be complicated; you just need something basic and reliable to do your cardio and warmup before training. However, many people end up with the wrong rope and immediately get put off jumping because they feel it’s too boring or difficult to work with. For the material, you want plastic or some kind of thin leather.

Really thin steel cables will also work. However, you can’t do as many tricks with them as they are heavier than a plastic rope and don’t turn in the air either. Today, we’re looking at the 15 best jump ropes for boxing in 2023. 

Adidas Speed Rope

Adidas Speed Rope
  • The adidas Speed Ropes ball bearing mechanism creates a smooth and consistent rotation
  • Fitted with padded foam handles, the rope is comfortable through longer skipping sessions
  • Three metres long with an adjustable cable, the rope provides a challenging alternative to...
  • Featuring a rubberised rope, the skipping rope delivers a consistent arc for top performance
  • Complete with a 2-year manufactures warranty
  • Size: One-size
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Foam, composite fiber
  • Features: Ball-bearing rotation system
  • Strengths: Very comfortable due to the padded handles and lightweight design

It may not seem very special because of the basic plastic cable and EVA-foam padded handles, but this is the ideal type of jump rope for boxing training. It’s light, flexible, and perfect to train your rhythm in various low-impact exercises to keep going for extended periods. The rubberized rope doesn’t drag on the ground, and you always get a consistent rotation thanks to the ball bearings in the handles. 


  • Adjustable length: Crush all your fitness goals with our fitness and exercise jump rope for women,...
  • A joy to use: Our jump rope for fitness is equipped with ergonomically designed anti-slip handles to...
  • Sturdy: The durable 5mm PVC cord of this rope for skipping means our workout jump ropes for women...
  • Train anytime, anywhere: This lightweight, portable exercise jump rope won’t occupy much space in...
  • Perfect for sports lovers: Our fitness jump rope is great for cardio and endurance training, burning...
  • Size: 3 meters
  • Color: Black
  • Material: PVC
  • Features: Adjustable length
  • Strengths: Durable 5mm cord stays tangle-free and doesn’t wear down over time

Pulling out the baseplate from each handle, you can adjust the rope length. Hence, the STARFIT suits your needs, regardless of your body type or exercise regimen. Because the cord is made from PVC, it’s light and durable; even if you smack it on the ground while jumping, it will not fall apart or develop cracks. The thickness of the cord has been kept to just 5mm; this is a deliberate choice to ensure that you focus on speed and agility rather than raw strength. 

DEGOL Skipping Rope

DEGOL Skipping Rope
  • Smooth and Fast: the ball bearing system avoids the twisting, winding or bending like other fitness...
  • Sports Fitness: our exercise jump rope can shape your cardio endurance, stamina and speed, while...
  • PVC Embedded Wire Rope: the braided steel wire rope is coated with PVC, which features durable and...
  • Maximum Comfort: the gym skipping rope constructed with light weight ergonomic handles coated with 6...
  • Adjustable Length: design with 9 feet long of the rope, it can be adjusted quickly according to your...
  • Size: 9 feet
  • Color: Black and red
  • Material: PVC
  • Features: EVA Foam handle, ball bearing
  • Strengths: Easy to use, can be wrapped up and transported in any bag

The foam handles provide an excellent grip at all times. In contrast, the ball-bearing inserts within the handles keep this rope from twisting upon itself. These stainless steel ball bearings have no trouble keeping up as you ramp up the speed. So you can pull off your high knees, skier jump, and arm side swings without feeling restricted by your rope. 

Damage Fight Gear Boxer Classic Speed Rope

Damage Fight Gear Boxer Classic Speed Rope
  • Easily Adjustable -- From Flyweight to Heavyweight, this rope can be adjusted to any size. Length:...
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products,...
  • Size: 3 meter
  • Color: Black
  • Material: ABS, PVC
  • Features: Ventilated handles, anti-slip grip
  • Strengths: Lightweight and compact yet incredibly strong

The skeletonized handles and matte black finish give this a very striking look. Once you grip it, you realize how lightweight it truly is. Damage Fight Gear designed this jump rope specifically for boxers, with a textured coating on the ventilated grip that ensures your hands don’t slip no matter how wet they are. The thin, lightweight PVC cord and adjustable length make this a very easy jump rope to carry around in your gym bag. 

WOD Nation Adjustable Speed Jump Rope

WOD Nation Adjustable Speed Jump Rope
  • Cut Seconds or Even Minutes Off Your WOD Times : This jump rope is not only fast but also creates a...
  • Stop Doing Singles When Everyone Else is Doing Doubles : After customizing this speed jump rope with...
  • Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life : We designed this speed rope to not only spin fast but last a...
  • Great For At-Home Workouts Too : This rope is really all you need to stay fit and healthy when...
  • For Use On Smooth Surfaces Only : Like all steel cable jump ropes, this rope should only be used on...
  • Size: 10 feet
  • Color: Black, green, grey, orange, pink, purple, red
  • Material: ABS, steel
  • Features: Ball-bearing handle joint, adjustable length, sheathed steel wire
  • Strengths: Easy to adjust rope length, weighted design is ideal for full body workout

It’s a little heavier than your typical PVC jump rope, but this added weight has certain benefits in durability and ease of use. For starters, you don’t have to cut off the cable whenever you want to adjust its length- you can simply adjust the length screw. The flexibility on this rope is also amazing since there are 4 separate bearings- two in each handle. 

LIFEEZY Weighted Jump Rope

  • Size: 10 feet
  • Color: Black, blue, green, pink, purple, red, yellow
  • Material: Aluminum, steel
  • Features: Weighted, wear-resistant cable, tangle-free
  • Strengths: Comes with a spare cable and a nylon carry bag

In terms of design, it’s very similar to the WOD Nation metal jump rope. Still, it has a few unique design elements that make it even more user-friendly, like the length adjustment system, which is fully contained within the handle and self-locking so you can focus on jumping without worrying about bits of cable dangling around. The handle made of aluminum keeps it light yet sturdy; you also get a second cable in case the first one breaks, along with a carry bag. 

GSSSPORT Speed Jump Rope

GSSSPORT Speed Jump Rope
  • 1. Aluminum Alloy & Light-weighted Handle, Anti Skipping ,easy for children to carry: The...
  • 2. 360°Swivel Ball Bearing Hits Double Unders: 360 degree swivel ball bearing double rotation...
  • 3. Light, Durable & Adjustable steel coated Rope will be not twisted: The rope is made of coated...
  • 4.What is included in the package: 360°Swivel Ball Bearing Jump Rope ( 9.8 ft long, 0.1 inch in...
  • 5. The jump rope is perfect for Home Gym and Outdoor Workouts, solving the rope winding of...
  • Size: 3 meter
  • Color: Black, blue, pink, purple, red, silver
  • Material: Aluminum, steel
  • Features: Textured handle, weighted, adjustable length
  • Strengths: Can be used to train cardio and speed because of how light it is

Of all the metal-style jump ropes, this is the easiest one to grip and use because of the textured aluminum alloy handles. They are barely heavier than PVC handles but significantly tougher, so you can toss them around without breaking them. The steel cable is coated with a plastic sleeve, and it’s also really lightweight, so it won’t damage your skin if you make a mistake while skipping. 

Wastou Jump Rope

Wastou Jump Rope
  • 🍀 【BUILT-IN DUAL BEARINGS 360° FREE ROTATION】: With Dual speed bearing design, the handles...
  • 🍀 【ADJUSTABLE JUMP ROPE FOR ADULTS AND KIDS】: The jumping rope for exercise designs with 9.8...
  • 🍀 【BUILT-IN STEEL WIRE DURABLE AND BREAK-PROOF】: The workout jump rope is made by steel wire...
  • 🍀 【NONE-SLIP HANDLE FOR SAFER JUMPING】:The handles of our speed jump rope workout are made...
  • 🍀 【JUMP ROPE WORKOUT ANYTIME】: With this high-quality fitness jump rope, a great workout can...
  • Size: 9.8 feet
  • Color: 8 unique patterns
  • Material: Aluminum, steel
  • Features: Silicone-coated steel wire
  • Strengths: Length is easily adjusted with one screwdriver

With more color choices than you can handle, the Wastou jump rope surely isn’t lacking in terms of bling. And it’s got all the necessary features to keep you busy every morning, such as the ball bearings that prevent the steel cable from getting tangled or caught up at faster speeds. Or the quick adjust brackets that let you change rope length without the need for wire cutters.  

Venum Challenger Speed Rope

Venum Challenger Speed Rope
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Size: 275 cm/108 Inch
  • High quality ball bearing for a smooth rope movement
  • No-slip grip for a sure, easy and ultra-comfortable grip
  • Size: 108”
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Plastic
  • Features: EVA foam padding, textured grip handles
  • Strengths: Lightweight and flexible, perfect for the boxer’s skip and double under

The handles on this Venum rope are slightly thicker than usual. Still, they have a nice soft feel to them with a texture silicone grip layer that prevents your hand from slipping. And because there are internal ball bearings, the PVC rope swings just fine no matter how hard you go at it. It doesn’t get caught up or tangled and is the perfect length for people of average height.

Champion Sports Leather Jump Rope

Champion Sports Leather Jump Rope
  • Perfect for fitness or recreation
  • Durable heavyweight leather rope
  • Ball bearing wooden handles for fast high cadence jumping
  • Size: 9' long
  • Sport type: Exercise & Fitness
  • Size: 9 feet
  • Color: Red
  • Material: Leather
  • Features: Ball bearing, wood handle
  • Strengths: Perfect for all boxer’s exercises, can handle high-intensity workouts

Leather jump ropes like this one from Champion Sports are heavier. They cannot be manipulated in the air as easily as cheap plastic stuff. However, they are better for training your upper body and adding some strength to that cardio. You can still do tricks like the double under and crisscross once you get some practice in. 

EPITOMIE Fitness Sonic Boom M2 Jump Rope

EPITOMIE Fitness Sonic Boom M2 Jump Rope
  • SUPER SONIC SPEED – Prepare to crush it like never before with the NEW and improved Epitomie...
  • KILL IT QUALITY – Premium grade, 360-degree ball bearings? Check! Silicone, anti-slip grips? Done!...
  • DON’T SCREW IT UP – Sick of loose screws that fall out just as you’re getting your groove?...
  • CUSTOMIZABLE CABLES – When you’re after speed, you need a jumping rope that fits you to a T. The...
  • NO SWEAT GUARANTEE – Find your skipping rope one and only or get a full refund. All Eptiomie...
  • Size: 10 feet
  • Color: Carbon black
  • Material: Steel
  • Features: Silicone-coated grips, internal 360° ball-bearing, no-screw auto lock
  • Strengths: You can reliably execute every jump rope trick with this high-speed rope

EPITOMIE created every part of this jump rope to represent the best user convenience. It has silicone grips on the handles, ball bearings to prevent snags and knots, and an auto-locking length adjustment so you never have to mess around with screws. Finally, there’s the cable itself, which is thin yet dense for the most consistent jumps. 

Everlast Evergrip Weighted Jump Rope

Everlast Evergrip Weighted Jump Rope
  • Adjustable length, 9ft plastic speed rope.
  • Evergrip handles provide added grip while training.
  • Removable weights to challenge your cardio and upper body training.
  • 1.5lbs maximum removable weights.
  • Precision ball bearing rotation for increased speed.
  • Size: 9 feet
  • Color: Black
  • Material: PVC, foam
  • Features: Weighted grips, ball bearing rotation
  • Strengths: Removable weights are excellent for upper-body training

Everlast is an old-school boxing gear manufacturer, and this jump rope is one of the essential items that should be present in the gym bag of every serious boxer. It’s cheap, well-built, and can handle every trick in the book because of how light and flexible the cable is. Sometimes, a basic PVC rope with some foam-covered handles can go a long way.  

Redify Weighted Jump Rope

Redify Weighted Jump Rope
  • The upgraded tangle-free double ball bearings ensures that the jump rope is free of tangle, fast and...
  • The gold combination of 9mm braided cotton rope + 9mm solid PVC rope can not only prolong your...
  • Aluminum + Silicone Grips Handle not only make the jump rope Durable, but also comfortable to grip....
  • The 9mm braided cotton rope weighs 0.46LB,10 feet long ,adopts three-dimensional spiral braided...
  • The whole jumping rope weighs about 1LB. The built-in lock can move freely and adjust quickly...
  • Size: 10 feet
  • Color: Blue, grey, red
  • Material: Aluminum, PVC
  • Features: Silicone grip, ball-bearing
  • Strengths: Fast and smooth action with anti-tangle design

This is a weighted jump rope, which means the handles have about 1lb of heft built into them. Once you get used to the extra weight, it’s all about readjusting your timings and accommodating to the slightly slower swing. The Redify jump rope comes with two types of cables: a braided cotton cable and a slightly heavier, more durable PVC cable. 

Honor Athletics Speed Rope

Honor Athletics Speed Rope
  • The Flash Rope (Free Tutorials) on YOUTUBE: HONOR ATHLETICS CHANEL
  • 10ft (3.05m) Adjustable speed rope
  • 5mm thick vinyl pvc rope
  • Comes complete with instructions to help you get started
  • Ergonomic, lightweight handle design to allow superior control
  • Size: 10 feet
  • Color: 8 unique patterns
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Features: Adjustable length
  • Strengths: Thin rope is light and optimized for high-speed boxing workouts

It’s 10 feet long, which is the standard for most boxing jump ropes (and jump ropes in general). But if that doesn’t work for you, just pull out some of the rope through the base of the handle and cut it off, then retie the knot and toss it back in. There are no fancy ball bearings or auto-locking length adjustments here, just a pair of plastic handles with some PVC cable in between. 

Venum Thunder Evo Jump Rope

Venum Thunder Evo Jump Rope
  • Metal handles
  • Thin metal cable
  • Cable length: 3m / 9.85ft
  • Weight: 216g / 0.48lbs
  • Cord length adjustable with screws
  • Size: 3 meter
  • Color: Black, black/ new yellow, gold, khaki, silver
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Features: Adjustable length
  • Strengths: Easy to adjust length with the screw system, thin cable for high speed

Considering how Venum always likes to over-engineer everything, even where it’s not needed, I’m surprised they were so tame with this jump rope. It doesn’t seem to have laser sharks and space thrusters sticking out of the handles. Instead, you get a very simple screw-based length adjustment system. The cable is made from steel, it’s thin and has a sleeve on top to protect the user. 


Once you know how to properly use a jumping rope, it transforms from being just another warmup tool. It can be used to train speed, agility, explosiveness, and stamina. Some of the weighted jumping ropes also help you build your upper body strength.

If the length of your jumping rope is adjustable, it gives you more flexibility with your posture and lets you try new tricks. Good ropes also have ball bearings in the handle to aid with rotation, preventing unnecessary tangles and knots.

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