Top 12 Secret Old-School Boxing Exercises (With Videos)

Secret exercises for boxers from the old-school masters. In this article, you will find out 12 unusual exercises that were done by famous boxers from the last century till today. Boxing is closely connected with physical training. Each boxer performs a series of general training exercises.

However, each champion has his trick that makes this boxer special in one way or another.

Handstand Walking – Archie Moore

The greatest welterweight and multiple heavyweight title contender. Archie, in his memories of his flight training, mentioned handstand walking. Even after his fighting career ended, he started every morning with a walk on his hands around the house (about 70 meters).

No wonder the “Old Mongoose” (his nickname) had such a strong shoulders girdle. This exercise builds up the shoulders and also the feeling of balance. Also, it has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

Crocodile Walk – Naseem Hamed

The shocking British boxer. He is known not only for his flamboyant exits to the ring but also for his perfect mastery of his body. In Brendan Ingle’s gym, one of the main exercises for arm muscles improvement was the so-called crocodile walk. Nasim got into a standing position on his fists. After that, he lowered himself down.

He stayed in that position and moved back and forth across the gym, moving his limbs alternately. A great and difficult exercise. Already after 1-2 meters, the arm muscles get tired. Hamed did this exercise at the end of the training, moving like this about 40-50 meters.

Muscle Ups – Roberto Duran

The famous boxer from Panama is known for his outstanding physical strength. Many boxing experts thought it was genetic. But it is worth seeing Roberto’s strength training program. After that, it gets clear that he knew a lot about strength improvement.

Not every strong man can do a clean and quality exit on force on the horizontal bar. This exercise requires a lot of physical strength and the right execution technique. Also, this exercise gives a great hormonal response as well. It simply cannot be executed with being overweight and in bad physical shape.

Durand regularly did exit on the force. He could do five or six reps per set. No wonder he simply smashed his opponents with huge physical strength.

Single-Leg Squat – Andre Ward

One of the best boxers of the 21st century, who finished his career as an undefeated world champion. A tactical genius of boxing. But he had no less professional approach to strength training. Single-leg squats (pistol squat) perfectly train leg muscles.

Not every athlete can perform such an exercise with perfect technique. Andre did it regularly.

Catching Fish By Hand – Ricardo Mayorga

This unusual exercise was not only performed by Ricardo. The old boxing masters of the Nicaraguan school of boxing improved their reactions by catching fish with their hands. At first, it seems impossible. But any skill can be mastered. Mayorga noted the usefulness of this exercise more than once in his interviews.

Surfing – Sergio Martinez

The Argentinian boxer used this exercise regularly in his training. He used to go to the beach and improve his balance with a surfboard. Now there are many devices to use for improving balance like BOSU (balance trainer ball) for example. Surfing is one way to develop control over your body.

Maybe that’s why Martinez was in control and balanced every second of his fights.

Hammer And Nails – Julio Cesar Chavez

An unusual exercise to improve the forearms strength was regularly done by the legendary Chavez. He took large nails, a piece of wood, and a heavy hammer and nailed them one by one. He did this both with his right and left hand. Blacksmiths and carpenters have well-developed muscles of the forearm and hand.

And these muscles are responsible for the punching power. The great secret exercise gave him the strength he needed to deliver his powerful punches. I think athletes now also do some variation of this exercise, where they hit the tire with a sledgehammer.

Back Clap Push-Ups – Larry Holmes

Perhaps the most difficult of all push-up variations. No one will be surprised by the standard claps in front of the chest or against the chest. But push-ups with clapping behind the back are the ultimate exercise. It’s even more amazing One-Handedg when it was done by a guy who weighs about 220 pounds.

The explosive strength of Larry Holmes was at a very high level at his best times. He regularly executed this most difficult exercise, impressing the viewers in the gym.

One Handed Push-Ups – Wladimir Klitschko

The Ukrainian champion said that he did one-handed push-ups only at the beginning of the training camp. The exercise is very difficult and there is a high risk of injury. But it gives a hormonal response and allows you to develop huge arm strength. Also, the load on the chest and triceps muscles by this exercise is fantastic.

Juggling Medicine Balls – Edwin Valero

Edwin did this exercise regularly. He could even do it with three balls at the same time (each weighing 11-13 pounds). It requires not only good physical strength but also excellent coordination.

The Burpee – Rocky Graziano

These days, burpees are a well-known exercise. But at the beginning of the 20th century, not every athlete was familiar with this complex multi-joint exercise. As Graziano himself said, the only useful thing he learned from his army experience was the burpee exercise. One of the officers showed him how to do it. The legendary champion regularly did the exercise at the end of his training.

Shadow Boxing In The Water – Rocky Marciano

There are legends about Rocky’s training. He trained very hard and only because of this did he reaches incredible results, not having excellent physical data. One of Marciano’s favorite exercises was shadow fighting in the pool. The resistance of the water gave the necessary load on his muscles. After that, his hands flew into the target easily and freely.

I hope this article was useful to you. Good luck in boxing.

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