Are Reflex Balls Worth It? Including Exercises and Tips

Everybody who practices martial arts has heard or seen people do exercises with a ball that is attached to the head with an elastic band. This ball is known as a fighting ball or reflex ball. And many people wonder about its benefits. What exactly this equipment helps to develop and is it worth spending money on it.

In general, the reflex ball (fight ball) is very effective equipment for focusing. It helps to develop coordination, reaction, and accuracy of movement. It also helps to develop the correct punching technique. In addition, the price of this equipment is not so significant to not to buy it and not try it out in training. Also, such equipment can be easily made at home.

Many people will be interested to know what exercises can be done with a fighting ball and how exactly to train with it. Also to learn some tips on how to choose such equipment or a guide on how to make such equipment by yourself.

Exercises With A Reflex Ball

1. Warm Up

Stand in place and hit the ball with both hands in front of you. The point at the bottom of the ball.

2. Work on accuracy

You will need to aim at a specific point on the ball. Ideally, the ball should follow the same trajectory every time. You don’t have to concentrate on speed. But over time, you will add some speed to the accuracy of your shots, and then some hitting power.

3. One-handed punch

Use your left hand to protect your face and your right hand to deliver the punch. Do the same for the other side (right-hand defense, left-hand punch).

4. Work On Speed

Hit the reflex ball as fast as possible. Exercise is performed with one or two hands.

5. Power Training

Put as much force as you can into the punch and try to increase your speed. You need to hit hard before the reflex ball returns to its starting location.

6. Punches In Moving

In this exercise, the reflex ball can fly in different directions. It is difficult for beginners to perform the exercise of hitting with moving without perfecting the previous exercises. In the beginning, you should hit slowly and not too hard. The movements are not too sharp.

Gradually increase the complexity of the movement’s trajectory. Also, increase the speed and punching power.

How Do I Get Better At The Reflex Ball

On average, to be better at reflex ball punching, you need to do the following. You need to practice reflex ball for at least 5 minutes a day, independently of main training. In addition, you need to gradually increase the difficulty. What I mean by this is that you should start with straight punches without moving.

The rubber band must be about +10cm away from your fist on your outstretched hand. After you can punch the ball at least 100 times, you can gradually shorten the length of the rubber band. Also, start punching the ball by moving in a fighting stance and combining punches.

You can also add work on dodges from the ball. In addition, you will have to try to do all this without blinking your eyes. Blinking while hitting and defense causes you to lose concentration. It can accordingly give an advantage to your opponent in the fight.

Which Reflex Ball Is The Best

In general, any type of reflex ball on the web is good for practicing reactions, speed, etc. In general, such balls cost from $5 to $15 each, regardless of the brand. What I advise you to pay attention to when buying a reflex ball is the quality of the rubber band of the ball. It’s because the rubber band can quickly lose its elasticity.

In addition, it is better to choose a reflex ball, in which the rubber band with the ball is not attached to the headband, and is attached by a special clasp. Even when the rubber band will be too old and used you can easily replace it with another one. And the headband is better with velcro.

This way you can always adjust its size, which is very convenient if several people will be using this equipment.

How To Make A Fighting Ball By Yourself

Some of you will surely wonder: is it possible to make a reflex ball at home?
In principle, everyone can try to make this equipment by themselves, good thing it does not take much time and effort. To make a reflex ball with your own hands, you will need the following items:

1. A high-quality tennis ball (elastic ball) that is optimal for punching without heart your knuckles.

2. Strong, but elastic band (for example elastic cord).

3. The headband is made of a sturdy, thick, and non-slip material in a suitable size, or just use a regular cap.

The first step is to attach a tennis ball to a rubber band of the required length. Then, the other end of the elastic band is fixed securely on the headband. Make the headband with a velcro fastener to make it easy to adjust the size of the headband.

You can also use a cap instead of a headband. But here you may face the problem that the cap will fly off after a hard punch. Keep this in mind. To find the right length of the rubber band, you need to measure the distance from your forehead to the end of your outstretched arm, adding about 10 cm to this.

It is always better to make the rubber band a little longer. In this way, you will always be able to adjust the distance. It is good for beginning if you will not be able to punch a reflex ball properly. As you can see, making a fighting ball yourself is not difficult at all.

With such homemade equipment, you can experiment for a while before buying something more professional.

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I hope this article was helpful for you. I wish you good luck in your Boxing journey!

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