How To Deal With Feints In The Fight ? (5 Useful Tips)

In boxing, it is very important to be a creative fighter and to be able to think outside the box to win the fight. One advanced fighting strategy is feinting that can confuse the other boxer. These feints can be very effective, and it’s important to know how to deal with these feints in a fight if they are aimed against you.

As a general rule, to deal with feints in a fight, you should not look into the opponent’s eyes. This is necessary because opponents can often feint with their eyes. You should look at the fighter’s chin. This will increase the viewing angle and help reveal more of the opponent’s movements. This will allow seeing the larger part of the opponent, not just the level of the face and shoulders. That way there will be more chance to understand the opponent’s next move and counterattack him.

Besides this general rule, you should follow a few more useful tips. They will show you some of the other most common feints in boxing. With this knowledge, you can increase your chance of not being tricked by deceiving moves in the fight.

Why Do Boxers Feint?

In general, boxers use feints during a fight to learn their opponent. They try to analyze the opponent’s reactions to different attack types. With this analysis, the boxer finds the weakness of his opponent’s defense and throws a punch to it after the feint.

How Fighters React On Feints?

There are two types of fighters’ reactions to the opponent’s feints. The first may be a defensive reaction, where the fighter tries to defend himself. For example by raising his arms. The second may be an offensive reaction. The fighter will try to counterattack the feints.

To be able to deal with a deceptive attack, you need to keep in mind the following points:

Eye’s Contact

Like it was said at the beginning, rule number one is not to have eye contact with your opponent. First, when you make eye contact with your opponent, you limit your view angle. At this point, you can see and react to the movements of his head and hands.

In this case, it is very easy for the opponent to do some effective eye feints against you. For example, he may throw a glance at your stomach pretending of wanting to punch there but actually attack your head. Alternatively, he may throw a glance at your head and throw a straight punch to your stomach.

In my experience, during the fight, when I was looking at my opponent’s chin compared to when I was looking into his eyes, it was easier for me to fight. I felt more comfortable when he was trying to attack me. The reason for this is the technique of executing each punch.

For example, a left hook is the combination of a right foot position, a left body rotation, and a left side punch to the head. When your view becomes bigger than just the head and shoulders you will be able to recognize more movements.

The technique of the punch your opponent is preparing will help you better identify the feint from the real punch.


All these feints are created to deceive the opponent. Also, to find out how he reacts to different attacks or situations. Many boxers start to panic a little bit after feints because they are confused. They don’t understand where a punch can be thrown.

That’s why it’s very important to follow your fighting strategy. You have to not get stressed or pressured by your opponent during the fight. Stress can cause you to make some wrong moves or open your defense. It’s exactly what the other fighter is waiting for.

“Predict” His Attack

By predicting, I mean that you need to learn the most common combinations of feints. Some of these are the feint jab, the step jab, the fake punch, etc. Learn what kind of attack most often can be followed after these feints. This will give you the advantage of understanding what your opponent is going to do next.

For example, when a fighter throws a feint jab, the next possible attack will be a real jab or a straight right punch, etc.

Feint Him Back

Feint is a very good technique. It helps the fighter to learn the skills of the opponent and to see his defense weaknesses. For that reason, it is highly recommended to use this technique as well. Throw some fake punches, analyze his reactions and movements. Build a strategy for which combination is best to use against this fighter.

If you see a fighter closing his defense against a feint, find his defense weakness and attack it with powerful punches. For example, fake a left hook. If your opponent opens his liver, trying to block your punch, throw a powerful punch to the body.

Another good technique would be to fake a straight right punch to the stomach. Often the opponent will try to block this punch and thus lower his hands a little bit. At this point in the jump, execute a powerful left hook to the head.

Counterattack Him

Sometimes the best defense is a good offense. One recommendation against some feints should be to attack aggressively. When a fighter can feint, it means that at some point by your passivity you have allowed him to do it. It also means that he has some dominance in the fight.

Pressure your opponent with aggressive attacks and do not allow him to dominate the fight. It will be much harder for him to feint when he is trying to defend himself. When he tries to throw some punches, you can counterattack him.


In conclusion, it is important to say that feints in boxing are an advanced technique that comes with experience. First, you learn the basic technique to build your fundamentals. Then gradually you will start to use some simple feints and slowly improve them.

But until then, remember to have strong defense skills. Do not open it too much when you block an opponent’s attacks, because it can be a feint to open your defense and defeat you in a fight.

Good luck in your boxing journey.

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