How To Deal With Pressure Fighter In Boxing? 9 Tips

A lot of fighters in boxing try to be aggressive. They give all their pressure and going always forward to their opponents. The problem is that a lot of boxers do not know how to deal with those types of fighters. To beat a pressure fighter, you will need to improve and learn the following moves.

Sticking to these recommendations you will be able to fight much more effectively against this type of fighter.

Keep The Opponent At Distance

The pressure fighter is always going forward. His main goal is to break the distance and fight closely. This is where all the powerful punches like hooks, uppercuts, and body shots will be very effective.

Meet The Opponent With Strong Punches

When you fight at distance and keep the pressure fighter away, you need to attack him with hard punches.
For example, establish a good jab and jab to the stomach. With these two punches, it will be hard for the opponent to keep moving forward when you stop him with some hard jabs.

Draw Your Hands Back To The Face After Each Attack

Be careful when you throw some punches. Do not forget that your defense is open when you attack the opponent. You need always to put your hands back as quickly as possible to your face. You want to minimize the possibility of staying open and get a powerful shot to the head and get knocked out.

Do not try to be like most professional boxers that lower their guard down during the fight. It is a bad practice that can lead to losing fights getting knocked out.

Feint With The Footwork, Break The Angles And Go Out From The Attack Direction

The next important trick is feinting with the feet. So, for this trick, you need to be always in movement. When the opponent fighter is going forward and trying to cut the distance, pushing you to the corner or the ropes, you need to move away.

The big problem of a lot of amateur boxers is that they always move in straight lines and with this, they become a very easy target. Try to break the lines, move to the left, to the right and when you feel that you’re gonna be pushed to the corner, break the angle, and escape the attack.

PRO TIP: When you cut the ring and escape the pressure attack, do it with a quick and hard check hook. If you will improve the speed and power of this punch, then it will be a good opportunity to knock your opponent out and win the fight.

Learn How To Get Off The Ropes

In this situation, it is very important to know how to box at a very close distance and how to defend yourself right and block the punches.

Imagine you tried everything, but the fighter pushed you to the ropes and he began to attack you from a very close distance. In this situation, you can step back on the rope and slip quickly to the side. Also, you can just clinch your opponent and turn him to the ropes or just push him away.

PRO TIP: When you clinch the fighter and try to push him away, don’t do it with your hands, because you will open yourself and get hit.

Learn How To Clinch Right

Clinch is also a good way to stop the pressure attack of your opponent. You need to feel the timing of when to clinch the opponent.

The better way to do it is when you fight him at a very close distance, clinch the fighter and begin to tie his arms. Your opponent will spend a lot of energy trying to break your clinch and attack you back. But, be careful when you clinch because the experienced fighter will try to throw powerful uppercuts and body shots.

PRO TIP: So, in a situation where you need to clinch somebody, do it from a very close distance to minimize the time when you open your defense.

Improve Your Head And Body Defense

Sometimes your opponent may be a very skilled boxer, and he knows how to push you to the corner or the ropes.
You need to always keep in mind that a good defense is a key number one to survive in situations when you don’t have the way to escape from pressure attacks in corners or on the ropes.

Bend your legs a little bit, press your chin to your chest and raise your shoulders a little bit as well. In this way, you will maximize your defense and be ready for the hard punches.

Do Not Be Scared Of The Pressure

When you get aggressive attacks, the most important advice is not to panic and not to give to the opponent the opportunity to dominate the fight. You can test on your defense if the opponent has power in his punches or he just looks like a powerful puncher. Feel the opponent, look what he got.

Know How To Get Hit

Allow the opponent to throw a lot of punches in the first rounds. The idea behind this tip is that pressure fighters are always trying to beat their opponent quickly. Because of that, they try to hit hard and get tired fast. So maybe from one side, you will lose a couple of rounds.

On the other, the pressure fighter will get tired quickly, and that way you will get the endurance advantage.

Thanks for reading and I hope I could help you to improve your boxing skills. Good luck!

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