10 Best Muay Thai Belly Pads in 2023 – Buying Guide

Belly pads are padded protection for the trainer’s belly that fighters use as a target to develop sharper body shots, such as knees to the body and punches to the body. Their function is to protect the wearer and the hitter, and they are often used in combination with hand pads. They are also used as protection in case of accidents and ill-advised strikes and are an essential tool for every Muay Thai trainer. We tried our best to find you the best and proven quality of Thai belly pads.

Venum Elite Belly Protector

Venum Elite Belly Protector
  • Anatomical shape
  • Strategically placed inner padding
  • Adjustable straps
  • Handmade in Thailand
  • Size: 18.11” L x 13.78” W x 7.87” H
  • Color: All-black and black-red
  • Materials: Semi-leather
  • Attributes: 180 degree protection
  • Traits: Long-lasting and movement-free

You can get Venum’s ultimate belly protection for $122.75 in black and red or $135.50 in Venum’s signature black matte color. Handmade in Thailand in an anatomical shape from semi-leather material that guarantees long use without tearing.

The interior is filled with high-performance triple padding that offers 180-degree protection. Venum’s revolutionary belly pad comes in dimensions of 18.11″ x 13.78″ x 7.87″ with an adjustable buckle, and with all the provided protection, it allows you to move freely without aggravating circumstances.

The comfort of Venum’s products is unnecessary to talk about because it is so light you won’t even feel that it’s on you.

Fairtex BPV2 Light-Weight Belly Pad

Fairtex BPV2 Light-Weight Belly Pad
  • Superior Protection: The Fairtex body armor vest is crafted from genuine leather with reinforced...
  • Lightweight Design: Imported and expertly designed for increased speed and mobility, this boxing...
  • Abdominal and Rib Defense: Experience optimal protection with a 4-layer foam core, safeguarding both...
  • Secure and Comfortable Fit: The muay thai belly pad has adjustable straps guarantee a snug fit,...
  • Multi-Purpose Gear: Versatile for Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and MMA, our sleek and professional-looking...
  • Size: 5.91” L x 4.33” W x 1.18” H
  • Color: Black, blue, red, and white
  • Materials: Genuine leather
  • Attributes: Adjustable straps
  • Traits: Maximum protection and durability, lightweight

Fairtex, as a trademark of the Muay Thai sport, offers a belly protector known as “The Championship Belt,” and you can order it for $109.99 in black, white, blue, and red colors with a sleek and professional look. Made in dimensions of 5.91″ x 4.33″ x 1.18″, it provides superior protection of the abdomen and ribs and is light as a feather, practical to use, and will not restrict your movement.

It is made of high-quality genuine leather material with mobility and speed support for the wearer. It uses adjustable straps for a perfect fit and provides incredible comfort while using it.

Combat Sports Dome Air Tech™ Belly Pad

Combat Sports Dome Air Tech™ Belly Pad
  • Dome Air Technology (DAT) disperses impact
  • Buckle strap closure
  • Synthetic leather construction
  • Size: ‎24.5” L x 13” W x 11.5” H
  • Color: Blue
  • Materials: Synthetic leather
  • Attributes: Dome Air Technology for impact dispersion
  • Traits: Superior durability

Combat Sports’ coaching belly pad with superior protection and an attractive aesthetic can be ordered for $79.99, or if you grab Amazon’s modest discount of -6%, it can be yours for $74.99. This belly pad is available in blue, its dimensions are ‎24.5 x 13 x 11.5, and the material used is synthetic leather with superior durability.

It has excellent absorbent and dispersive properties even for the heaviest blows from knees, kicks, or punches using Dome Air Technology. It doesn’t matter what size you are because, for a perfect fit of all abdominal circumferences, they use an adjustable buckle strap closure that makes it easy to put on and take off.

Fairtex Leather Muay Thai Training Kick Shield Rib

Fairtex Leather Muay Thai Training Kick Shield Rib
  • Complete Core Protection: Fairtex Thai training body armor vest ensures coaches' safety during...
  • Secure Fit: The Fairtex boxing protective gear has a Hook and loop waist wrap feature which ensures...
  • Enhanced Training: Elevate your training with the Fairtex Standard body protector boxing Pad's...
  • Versatile Combat Sports Use: The rib pads are suitable for a range of combat sports including...
  • Improve Your Coaching: Incorporate the Fairtex Standard muay thai belly pad to enhance coaching...
  • Size: 19” L x 12.5” W x 9” H 
  • Color: Black-red, black-blue, and black-white
  • Materials: Synthetic leather and foam
  • Attributes: Hook and loop adjustable waist strap
  • Traits: Durable and comfortable

Another Fairtex belly pad, this time in a different model but with the same efficiency, you can order for $119.99 in black-white, black-blue, and black-red. Made in dimensions 19 x 12.5 x 9, its exterior is synthetic leather, and the interior is of multi-layer foam filling.

It provides superior protection of the abdominal area with comfort for long-term use and is adjustable for all sizes with the help of its hook and loop straps. The standard Fairtex belly pad will serve you in whatever striking sport you do. It doesn’t matter what your skill level is; you will train yourself like a world champion.

YOKKAO Belly PAD Premium Cowhide Leather

YOKKAO Belly PAD Premium Cowhide Leather
  • Style Meets Quality: Elevate your training with this striking Island/Hot Pink belly pad, crafted...
  • Uncompromising Protection: Designed to absorb powerful strikes, this belly pad is a must-have for...
  • Comfortable and Ergonomic: With an ergonomic design, this pad offers a comfortable fit, ensuring you...
  • Versatile for All: Whether you're practicing Muay Thai, kickboxing, or MMA, this belly pad is...
  • Size: ‎19.13” L x 13.89” W x 10.83” H
  • Color: Black-red
  • Materials: Premium cowhide leather, multi-layer foam
  • Attributes: Form-fitting curved designed
  • Traits: Non-slip and extra stability

YOKKAO is another ambassador of Muay Thai that provides us with high-quality equipment, and you can order their belly pad for $186, available in black and red in dimensions 19.13” x 13.89” x 10.83”. Handcrafted in Thailand from high-quality cowhide leather for longevity and multi-layered foam filling with high absorbent capabilities.

The Yokkao belly pad uses an anatomical form-fitting design with a hook and loop fastener that gives this product a non-slip interior for extra stability and will look so good on you. Its safety is unsurpassed, and there is no impact that you will feel while wearing it.

Revgear Bodyguard Belly Pad

Revgear Bodyguard Belly Pad
  • Ideal protection for lower torso
  • Formfit shape for full range of upper and lower body motion
  • RAM-Force technology padding with 3 gel targets to absorb heavy blows
  • Constructed from 100% leather
  • One-size-fits-all with an adjustable strap
  • Size: Large and medium
  • Color: All-black with Revgear logo
  • Materials: 100% leather and foam padding
  • Attributes: RAM-Force™ padding
  • Traits: Long-lasting, durable and comfortable

Don’t let the simple appearance of Revgear’s belly pad fool you because it is a quality training tool. It is available in all-black color with the Revgear logo in large and medium sizes for only $124,99. The composition of the material for this product includes 100% leather with triple foam filling.

It uses three inches of high-performance RAM-ForceTM cushioning technology and three extra, carefully placed gel targets to cushion hard impacts to the stomach and abdomen. The FormfitTM form provides a full range of motion for the upper and lower body. This product is the ultimate defense against heavy hitters and guarantees long life and durability with high comfort.

Twins BEPL2 Leather Belly Pad for Muay Thai

  • Size: S, M, L and X-L
  • Color: Black with Twins logo
  • Materials: 100% Thai leather
  • Attributes: Additional side targets for body shots
  • Traits: High absorbent properties and wear-and-tear resistant

Twins belly pad has the potential to be your perfect companion through your rigorous pad sessions, and its price is $120. Available in black with the Twins logo, in small, medium, large, and X-large sizes to fit every waistline.

This belly pad is handmade in Thailand from 100% Thai leather, whose durability is inevitable and will hardly tear. It contains reinforced front padding and additional side targets for body shots while providing superior protection to the wearer and a complete hitting experience to the hitter. This product can take a punishment like no other and has long been among the best belly pads in the world.

Combat Corner Elite Leather Belly Pad Protector

Combat Corner Elite Leather Belly Pad Protector
  • ✅ 100% LEATHER CONTRUCTION - Our Combat Corner Elite Leather Body Protector is specially crafted...
  • ✅ HEAVY DUTY BUILT - Heavy duty built for all the punishment you can throw at it. The Combat...
  • ✅ LARGE PADDED CONTACT SURFACE - This belly protector is made from durable leather construction...
  • ✅ REAR HOOK AND LOOP CLOSURE - Lightweight design, easy to put on and take off with a rear hook...
  • ✅ TESTED BY PROFESSIONAL BOXERS AND FIGHTERS - Designed by fighters, for fighters. Pro Design for...
  • Size: One-size-fits-all
  • Color: Black with red trims
  • Materials: 100% leather construction
  • Attributes: Large padded contact surface and hook and loop closure
  • Traits: High absorbent and dispersive propreties

Designed by fighters, Combat Corner offers a belly pad with a large padded contact surface in one-size-fits-all measures for $114.99. Available in black with red trim in a lightweight design with a heavy-duty build that absorbs all impacts.

The belly pad is made of 100% leather and multi-density shock-absorbent padding that is wear-and-tear resistant, comfortable to wear and looks great. The Combat Corner belly pad is easy to put on and remove with a hook and loop adjustable buckle. Its large surface area protects the mid and lower section of the wearer and includes side targets for additional hitting surface.

Title MMA Performance Thai Style Body Pad 2.0

Title MMA Performance Thai Style Body Pad 2.0
  • 4 layers of foam padding to absorb maximum shock with less bulk
  • Complete with three GEL infused foam target areas and a wrap around contoured design
  • Hook-and-loop closure to secure to the body without any movement
  • Compact construction allows for coach’s maximum mobility while working kicks and punches
  • Size: One-size-fits-most
  • Color: Black with a touch of red
  • Materials: Synthetic leather
  • Attributes: GEL infused Foam target areas
  • Traits: Perfect fit and maximum durability

Regarding quality martial arts equipment, the TITLE brand has its fingers crossed and always meets its customers’ needs. For $129.99, you can become the owner of this innovative product in black with hints of red, available in one-size-fits-most.

Its exterior is made of thick and reliable leather surface, and the interior of four layers of GEL-infused foam gives incredible durability and guarantees longevity with a solid hitting surface. Its hook and loop buckle ensures a perfect and comfortable fit, prevents unnecessary shifting, and provides a wearer with the possibility of easy movement during intense training sessions in the gym.

Windy Belly Protector

Windy Belly Protector
  • Product Type: Sporting Goods
  • Package Height: 27.94 Centimeters
  • Package Length: 21.082 Centimeters
  • Package Width: 46.736 Centimeters
  • Size: 18.4″ L x 11″ W x 8.3″ H
  • Color: Beige
  • Materials: 100% synthetic leather
  • Attributes: Superior mid-section protection
  • Traits: Excellent durability, shock absorption, and dispersion

The last place on our list belongs to the WINDY belly protector, whose appearance is associated with championship belts with a price of $139.99, and with Amazon’s -14% discount, it can be yours for $120.99.

Windy makes some great products, and this one is no different. Available in size 18.4″ L x 11″ W x 8.3″ H in a unique beige color, it provides superior mid-section protection. This product is handmade in Thailand from 100% synthetic leather as a cover and dense full oval padding.

It is characterized by excellent durability, shock absorption, and dispersion. Although it uses an adjustable buckle closure, we advise you not to buy it if you are a very small person because this belt is quite large.

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