15 Best Boxing Gloves for Beginners in 2024 – From $30-$70

If you have decided to start practicing martial arts, many people will confirm that it is one of the best decisions of your life. The world of martial arts is demanding and tiring, so it would be best for you to pick the right weapon for your life’s journey, and this list might help you choose it.

Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Gloves

Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Glove
  • Trusted by Over 250,000 Customers: Join the community of satisfied customers who have made the...
  • Proven by MMA Champions: Endorsed by MMA champions like Michael Bisping, Max Holloway, Sean...
  • Gel-Infused Impact Protection: Feel the power of your punches without the pain. Our boxing gloves...
  • Perfect Fit, No Break-In Period: Experience a perfect fit from day one with our unique longitudinal...
  • Versatility for Your Journey: These gloves are versatile and suitable for multiple disciplines,...
  • Size: 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16oz
  • Colors: all-black, black-cooper, black-green, black-blue, black-silver, black-orange, black-pink, and black-red
  • Made of: Leather, infused gel foam
  • Accessories: Hook-and-loop closure, mesh palm
  • Traits: Durable, perfect fit, sweat-free, long-lasting

More than 200,000 satisfied users speak of Sanabul’s quality work, as do the top fighters they sponsor, and their range of equipment includes all martial arts. You can order Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Gloves at an affordable price of $29.99 in all-black, black-cooper, black-green, black-blue, black-silver, black-orange, black-pink, and black-red, and are available in sizes from 8 to 16oz.

The gloves were tested by professionals and are suitable for beginners of all ages and genders. The product is constructed of durable leather, and its quality will see you through many rounds of sparring. They are filled with gel foam to absorb strong blows instead of you and thus protect your hands from unpleasant hits and pain.

It uses a hook-and-loop closure that keeps the equipment firmly in your hand. After you put them on and close the buckle, you’re ready for a long and tough training session without interference or discomfort. They have a longitudinal arch design that will leave you feeling like you’ve been wearing them forever, and their buckle provides excellent wrist support. Another quality of these gloves is the mesh palm on the front which allows your skin to breathe and, therefore, less sweat.

Ringside Apex Gloves

Ringside Apex Gloves
  • Boxing Gloves: Fight your way to the top with Ringside’s Apex Boxing Bag Gloves. These durable...
  • Injected Molded Foam (IMF): The shock-absorbing IMF padding of the boxing gloves provides enhanced...
  • Wrist Support: These boxing gloves have a tapered, wrap-around closure which helps to provide secure...
  • Comfortable: These bag gloves keep your palms and thumbs well ventilated and thus help to keep your...
  • Multi-color: These durable gloves come in multiple color combinations and two different sizes. Give...
  • Size: S/M for 65-115lbs, L/XL for 115-200lbs
  • Colors: Black-red, white-blue, gold-black, black-green, pink-gray, pink-lime, purple-white, silver-black, white-black, and white-red colors
  • Made of: Synthetic leather, IMF
  • Accessories: Wrap-around hook-and-loop closures, mesh palm
  • Traits: Durable, comfortable and super-safe

Fighters of all levels have had the full support of the Ringside company for thirty years, and they have built their reputation as the most reliable and largest selection of boxing equipment. Ringside introduces its six-year-old Apex Bag Gloves with high quality and low price.

You can order for $59.99 in sizes S/M for boxers 65-115lbs and L/XL for those 115-200lbs. They are available in various colors such as black-red, white-blue, gold-black, black-green, pink-gray, pink-lime, purple-white, silver-black, white-black, and white-red.

They are intended for work on the bag and are made of synthetic leather, whose durability will help you reach your goals. They are injected with molded foam that gives enhanced protection to your hands while punching the bag.

APEX gloves tapered wrap-around hook-and-loop closures for superior wrist support, which in addition to protecting the joints, gives a perfect fit to your hand while being easy to put on and take off. The gloves are comfortable and well-ventilated in the palm and thumb to keep your hands dry and cool.

If you are a beginner with poor technique and are hungry for progress, then these super-protective gloves will do you and the health of your hands a favor.

TITLE Boxing Pro Style Gloves 3.0

TITLE Boxing Pro Style Gloves 3.0
  • An exciting re-creation of our famous signature Leather Pro-Style Training Gloves with even more...
  • Genuine full-grain leather cover is super tough and durable
  • Multi-layer shock absorbing high and low density foams
  • Full wrap around two-ply wrist strap with hook-and-loop closure
  • Satin nylon hand compartment liner helps repel moisture retention
  • Size: 10, 12, 14, and 16oz
  • Colors: Black-white, blue-white, red-white, and pink-white
  • Made of: Genuine full-grain leather, multi-layered high and low-density foam
  • Accessories: Satin nylon hand compartment liner, hook-and-loop closure
  • Traits: Perfect fit, wrist and knuckle safety, high absorption

Boxing gloves 3.0 are an upgraded version of Ringside’s Leather Pro-Style Training Gloves with extras and benefits. They have been available for five years on the market for $44.99 in the colors black-white, blue-white, red-white, and pink-white in sizes from 10 to 16oz.

The gloves are superbly made for beginners and can be worn by both men and women. Designed as a simple model, their surface is constructed of genuine full-grain leather, the cover of which is durable and long-lasting against direct impacts.

The gloves are filled with multi-layered high and low-density foam, which, in addition to the leather cover, adds incredibly high absorption and great knuckle support without compromising the hit feedback. Excellent wrist support for both mitts and heavy back striking is due to Ringside’s wrap-around hook-and-loop tight closure that will provide a perfect fit.

It also has a satin nylon hand compartment liner that helps repel moisture retention and adds to the comfort and freshness of the gloves. With their qualities and simple traditional design, they certainly have the potential to become your first and favorite work gloves. From round to round, it will give you top performance and, the most crucial thing, safety.

RIVAL RB7 Boxing Gloves

RIVAL RB7 Boxing Gloves
● Fitness Bag Gloves with Moulded Foam Padding
● Eight stunning colour combinations to choose from.
● Ergonomic hand strap.
● Embossed Rival Boxing Foam PU Patch
● Great fit.
  • Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL
  • Color: Baby blue-gray, black-gold, blue-white-red, pink-white, purple-white, red-black, silver-black, and white-red-blue
  • Made of: Carbenium PU leather, foam padding
  • Accessories: Innovative Ergo Strap System
  • Traits: Long-lasting, safe, comfortable, mobility-free, stylish

For 30 years of its existence, Rival has never failed its customers. That’s why in 2021, it sent us RIVAL Boxing RB7 Gloves specifically made for working on pads and heavy bags, and it is forbidden to spar with them.

The first thing you notice about these gloves is their beautiful aesthetic appearance. At the same time, their quality is not neglected in the slightest. The price is incredibly affordable, and you can order them for $54.95 in baby blue-gray, black-gold, blue-white-red, pink-white, purple-white, red-black, silver-black, and white-red-blue colors.

Available in sizes from x-small to xx-large, for better fit and desired performance, be sure to check Rival’s size chart before purchasing. The construction of the product consists of carbenium PU leather, which is long-lasting.

The gloves are loaded with layered foam padding, which offers versatility and is ideal for hard hits. They use an adjustable hook-and-loop closure for a perfect fit and an Innovative Ergo Strap System that is wider at the palm side of the wrist and provides hand safety, comfort, stability, and mobility.

Easy to get on and off. Recommended if you are looking for a good pair of gloves that won’t break the bank, and if there were a rating higher than five stars, this product would definitely get it.

Adidas Boxing Gloves – Hybrid 150

Adidas Boxing Gloves - Hybrid 150
  • These high-quality, well-ventilated Hybrid 150 boxing gloves are ideal for both men and women.
  • kickboxing gloves made of high-quality PU leather that provides great boxing training performance.
  • These gloves provide great shock absorption, with terrific speed and accelerate movement execution,
  • boxing gloves 12 oz , 10 oz, 14 oz, & 16 oz - available in colors Black/White & White/Black
  • These boxing gloves can be wore by both professionals and amateurs for excellent power and support.
  • Size: 10 and 12oz
  • Color: Navy gold
  • Made of: PU leather, SDX perforated foam
  • Accessories: Velcro strap, AEROREADY high ventilation
  • Traits: High-level absorption, comfortable, and durable

Since 2018, Adidas has released six types of these HYBRID gloves from its factory, and in 2021 they offer us these gloves, which are specially designed for women, especially if they are beginners. Maximum refined to be used for all martial purposes, and you can order them in 10 and 12-oz sizes for $49.95, and they are available in Navy gold.

The gloves are made of high-quality PU leather, enabling you to achieve high boxing performance during training. They use unique SDX perforated foam construction for high-level absorption, and due to their aerodynamic shape, they promise precise and fast shots while maintaining the health of your knuckles.

They use a Velcro strap closure and a NEW one-piece mold that provides good wrist protection and keeps you safe from injuries. The greatest quality of these gloves and Adidas Hybrid technology is their AEROREADY high ventilation, freeing your hands from sweat. This feature will make the ladies feel their hands comfortable and fresh after hard training.

Venum Contender Boxing Gloves

Venum Contender Boxing Gloves
  • 100% high quality synthetic leather for extended service life
  • Multi-density foam for better Absorption of shocks
  • Full attached thumb to reduce the risk of twisting
  • Large Velcro enclosure for a secure fit
  • Size: 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16oz
  • Color: Black, black-cyan, black-gold, black-grey, black-white, grey, pink, and white
  • Made of: 100% synthetic leather, multi-density foam
  • Accessories. Velcro strap, attached thumb
  • Traits: Long-lasting, safe, durable, high absorption

The Venum Contender gloves are probably the simplest glove model produced by this company. The gloves are engineered for all types of punching training, including heavy bag work, pad work, and sparring. Depending on the design and size, you can order them from $34.99 to $39.99.

The colors available are black, black-cyan, black-gold, black-grey, black-white, grey, pink, and white, and the sizes available are from 8 to 16oz. They are 100% synthetic leather that ensures prolonged use. They are filled with multi-density foam with high absorption that guarantees safety during heavy punches.

They have a curved anatomical shape that increases performance, ensures proper punching technique, and reduces the possibility of injury. It uses a wide Velcro strap closure for wrist support and a perfect and secure fit for all hand sizes.

They keep your hands cool during training and are constructed of durable material built to last. The gloves are phenomenal for beginners as they are comfortable and easy to put on and take off, so if you are a beginner looking for boxing gloves to buy, I would like to suggest that “Contender” is one of the best options on the market.

Adidas Hybrid 25 Boxing Gloves 

Adidas Hybrid 25 Boxing Gloves
  • OPTIMAL SHOCK ABSORPTION: With multi-layer padding and pre-molded foam construction, these gloves...
  • BREATHABLE COMFORT: Integrated with Aeroready technology and moisture-wicking mesh, the palms keep...
  • SECURE AND QUICK CLOSURE: Equipped with a large hook-and-loop strap. These gloves offer a snug fit...
  • DURABLE AND STYLISH: Made from high-quality synthetic PU leather, these gloves promise durability...
  • VERSATILE USE: Designed to cater to both beginners and seasoned fighters, the Hybrid 25 gloves are...
  • Size: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14oz
  • Color: Blue, red, and black
  • Made of: PU leather, pre-formed foam
  • Accessories: hook-and-loop support and a Rigid Velcro strap, AEROREADY moisture-control technology
  • Traits: high-quality, affordable, comfortable, and durable

In its line of hybrid products, Adidas presents its Hybrid 25 Boxing Gloves, whose main feature is affordability. They are intended for beginners of all genders, children, and adults of all weights and sizes. Even though the gloves are budget-friendly, their quality is not sacrificed. Hybrid 25 gloves can be ordered for $31.91 and are available in red, black, and blue colors, in sizes 4 and 14oz.

The outer fabric is constructed of PU leather that ensures lasting performance and outstanding durability, and filled with pre-formed foam construction, the inner enhanced cushioning offers superior shock absorption and protection for your knuckles.

They use adjustable hook-and-loop support and a Rigid velcro strap fastening system on the wrist, which secures firmly to provide additional wrist support and features AEROREADY moisture-control technology for quality airflow that will keep your hands dry and comfortable during sessions and eliminating unwanted feelings over smells. The product is high-quality, affordable, comfortable, and durable, provides top performance, and is excellent for beginners looking for their first boxing gloves.

RDX F4 Boxing Gloves

RDX F4 Boxing Gloves
  • ✅ STRENGTH WITH DURABILITY – The Kalix Skin leather used to manufacture the RDX Boxing Gloves...
  • ✅ MULTILAYERED PADDING – The sparring gloves have a combination of Spongey Blacktop Fabric,...
  • ✅ ENHANCED FIST SUPPORT – The punching gloves' attached thumb design and the DenZo Tron Foam...
  • ✅ UNIQUE CLOSURE SYSTEM – These boxing bag gloves for men and women have a unique TAKKA closure...
  • ✅ SUFFICIENT VENTILATION – The sparring gloves have ventilation holes in the palm area that keep...
  • Size: 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16oz
  • Color: Blue-black, gold-black, maroon, pink-black, red-black, and white-black
  • Made of: Kalix skin leather, multi-layer foam, and sponge
  • Accessories: TAKKA closure system, attached thumb, ventilated palm
  • Traits: Comfortable, sweat-free, adjustable and super-safe

Another glove from the “low price and high quality” category, this time from the reliable factories of the world-renowned RDX brand. Champion-tested for beginners and professionals in an attractive model. You can order them for $35.99 in sizes from 8 to 16oz.

Available colors are blue-black, gold-black, maroon, pink-black, red-black, and white-black. They are made of Kalix skin leather, which provides longevity and durability against wear and tear. The Gloves are combined with multi-layer materials cleverly distributed throughout the glove for quality absorption and comfort during training, such as Spongey Blacktop Fabric, Polygonal Fusion Foam, EVA-Lution Sheet, and Gel Foam.

They use the DenZo Tron Foam grip bar for a firm feel in their hands. In addition to the standard hook-and-loop fasteners, they use the TAKKA closure system and an elastic strap that ensures an adjustable fit while being easy to put on and take off.

They come with an attached thumb and have ventilation holes on the palms to keep your hands breathable, which reduces sweating and enables longer and more comfortable work. Considering they are cheap, they are one of the best in quality-price, especially for a beginner.

Everlast Elite Pro Style Training Gloves

Everlast Elite Pro Style Training Gloves
  • Premium synthetic leather combined with excellent construction provides lasting durability
  • Full mesh palm ensures breathability and comfort
  • Updated evershield design for advanced wrist protection with hook-and-loop closure
  • Secure fit maintains protection and comfort during a variety of striking angles
  • Size: 12oz
  • Color: Red
  • Made of: Premium synthetic leather, three-layer foam
  • Accessories: Evershield padding, grip cord, Evercool mesh palm
  • Traits: Comfortable, safe, durable

Next on the list are Everlast’s professional gloves for both beginners and hobbyists. All-purpose gloves have been available for many years. They are outstanding for martial activities such as pad work, heavy bag, and sparring. You can order them for $44.95 in the 12oz size in red.

This revolutionary one-piece design consists of premium synthetic leather, with an hourglass-shaped wrist with reinforced Evershield padding to stabilize the hands. They are filled with three-layer foam, the combination of which ensures mid-level absorption.

It has closed-cell foam technology for hand protection and a grip cord for extra gripping power. Another feature of these prestigious gloves is the Evercool mesh palm with good air ventilation that will keep your hands dry and cool during training.

They use the Updated Evershield design with a hook-and-loop buckle for advanced wrist protection and a raised cuff panel that deflects strikes during blocking and, along with other segments, finalizes overall hand protection. They come with an attached thumb and soft polyester lining for comfort during use.

Sanabul Core Series

Sanabul Core Series
  • Championship-Caliber Gear: Train like a champion with Sanabul Core Series Gel Training Boxing...
  • Next-Level Performance: Take your training to new heights with advanced features including superior...
  • Impact-Resistant Comfort: Experience optimal hand protection and a comfortable fit with the special...
  • Stay Cool and Dry: The performance inner lining and mesh palm keep your hands cooler, enhancing...
  • Find Your Fit: Refer to our size guide in the description to ensure the perfect fit. These gloves...
  • Size: 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16oz
  • Color: Black-red, blue-silver, gunmetal, and white-red
  • Made of: Faux leather, gel-infused foam
  • Accessories: Wide hook-and-loop closure, mesh palm
  • Traits: Comfortable, Long-lasting, superior safety for beginners

Sanabul is unquestionably a brand you can trust if you’ve decided to do martial arts, and they’re here to meet your demands. They make their gloves for champions and beginners alike, and their Core Series gloves are specifically designed with the mission to increase their safety for your hands.

You can order them for $39.99 in sizes from 8 to 16oz. The available colors are black-red, blue-silver, gunmetal, and white-red. The gloves have an aesthetically unusual but beautiful design. The material from which the outer part is made is faux leather and filled with special gel-infused foam with an insole for your hands that provides a comfortable fit and optimal protection for your fists while allowing you to hit heavy punches.

It has reinforced wrist support thanks to the wide hook-and-loop closure. Another benefit of these modern-look gloves is their mesh palm for better breathing of your hands and less sweat on them. Although the gloves are firm and stable on your hands, they are easy to put on and take off and simple to dry when they get a bit sweaty after too much use.

Century Creed Heavy Bag Glove

Century Creed Heavy Bag Glove
  • Wide, supportive wrist wraps with a specialized nylon lining add ergonomic comfort
  • These heavy bag gloves are made for serious martial artists
  • They boast White, genuine top-grain leather with multi layered foam for superior coverage built into...
  • Size: 12, 16, and 18oz
  • Color: White-black
  • Made of: Genuine leather, polyethylene, and high-density foam
  • Accessories: Attached thumb, nylon lining, wide buckle
  • Traits: Durable, multipurpose, and comfortable

Centuri’s Heavy Bag gloves are another quality and simple glove model. Still, they are a bit more expensive entry-level gloves when compared to the others on this list. But this time, price speaks for the quality, and you can use these bulky gloves for sparring heavy bag or pad work.

You can order them in white-black, priced from $94 to $128.60 depending on which size you buy, and are available in sizes from 12 to 18 oz. They are made of genuine leather for exceptional durability and maximum performance, with an attached thumb.

Under the leather cover is a synergetic cushioning mixture of Polyethylene and high-density foam, the layers which absorb shocks and protect your fists and do not reduce accuracy due to their ergonomic design.

They use a special nylon lining and keep your hands dry and cool, especially during long and intense training sessions. They use a wide buckle that adds to the protection of the joints, and they are tested and approved by the top MMA schools, which makes them the most reliable to start your martial arts adventure with.

Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves

Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves
  • A NEW STANDARD FOR BEGINNER BOXING GLOVES: A boxing glove that checks all of the boxes, from...
  • BUILT FOR COMFORT WITH A TAILORED FIT: The pre-curved ergonomic pocket, grip bar and proper thumb...
  • SUPPORT YOU CAN TRUST: The single strap works in tandem with the splinted wrist support to deliver a...
  • PADDED KNUCKLE PROTECTION: Most starter gloves don’t fully protect your hands. S4 delivers...
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: 1 pair of S4 Boxing Gloves. S4 is perfect for training, sparring, kickboxing,...
  • Size: 10, 12, 14, and 16oz
  • Color: Black, blue, charcoal, clay, pink, purple, red, teal, white, and wine
  • Made of: PU leather, cushioning foam
  • Accessories: Mesh palm, splinted wrist, attached thumb
  • Traits: Superior protection, adjustable fit, comfortable and long-lasting

Several times until now, we have gone over the topic of how Hayabusa is the leading brand for professional martial arts needs, and the same is true for beginners who need new and high-quality equipment for a fresh start. You can order the S4 gloves for a solid price of $69 in sizes 10 to 16oz.

They are available in black, blue, charcoal, clay, pink, purple, red, teal, white, and wine colors. Made of PU leather construction and filled with cushioning foam, their main task is to protect your hands. Their protection consists of a grip bar, an ergonomic pocket for the thumb, and a splinted wrist support with single-layer foam that will preserve the health of your hand even during careless blows.

They use single-strap firm closure for an adjustable fit and aerated mesh palm for better air circulation. They are durable and comfortable, and the price is a trifle compared to their quality. The reviews of satisfied customers will surely convince you to buy them because Hayabusa makes the best gloves.

Revgear Pinnacle Boxing Glove

  • Size: 12, 14, and 16oz
  • Color: Black, gold-black, gold-white, lime-black, orange-black, pink-black, pink-white, red-black, white-USA flag, and white
  • Made of: Faux leather, multi-layer foam
  • Accessories: Firm wrist straps, mesh palm
  • Traits: Affordable, long-lasting, stylish, and safe

Revgear has been supplying the world of martial arts with its quality for 27 years, and its gloves are perfect for champions and those who have decided to become one. Revgear’s task was to make high-quality and low-quality gloves for those who are just starting in martial arts.

Pinnacle gloves are designed for beginners, and you can order them for the super low price of $39.99 in sizes from 12 to 16oz. They are available in various colors such as black, gold-black, gold-white, lime-black, orange-black, pink-black, pink-white, red-black, white-USA flag, and white.

They are made of long-lasting Faux Leather and meet all your striker needs, filled with multi-layer foam for excellent protection. These are by far the best gloves for those starting. Affordable, distributes padding where needed, wrist straps hold in place, mesh on palm for better drying between sessions, and durable enough to last a year of good use for beginners.

Everlast Spark Training Glove

Everlast Spark Training Glove
  • Made from premium synthetic leather for optimal durability
  • EverShield technology for added wrist protection
  • EverCool mesh ventilated palms keep hands dry
  • Size: 12, 14, and 16oz
  • Color: Black geo, camo, and white geo
  • Made of: Synthetic leather, molded foam
  • Accessories: Evershield padding, Evercool hand mesh, hook-and-loop
  • Traits: Safe, comfortable, long-lasting

Everlast has another glove in its range, suitable for beginners and ideal for fitness and boxing training. Everlast Spark Gloves can be ordered for $41.99 to $43.46, depending on your purchase size and design. Available sizes are 12, 14, and 16oz, and designs to choose from are Black geo, camo, and white geo.

They are made of synthetic leather, which is intended to be durable and long-lasting and also gives a comfortable feeling. It is filled with molded foam and EverShield’s wrist padding to protect your hands. It uses a hook-and-loop strap that does not allow the glove to move and keeps it secure in one place.

Another feature is EverCool technology for mesh palms for better ventilation that releases unpleasant odors and keeps your hands cool and dry. It can be said that it will “spark” your desire for frequent training and progress.

Revgear Premier Boxing Gloves

Revgear Premier Boxing Gloves
  • PROTECTION YOU NEED - The PREMIER can do it all - making sure that you have the protection you need...
  • SECURE FIT/TIGHT GRIP - Wide hook and loop wrist wrap. Grip bar keeps the air out
  • COMFORTABLE AND DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - High-tech modern synthetic construction
  • UNBEATABLE VALUE - The PREMIER boxing glove represents unbeatable value with the same high level...
  • REVGEAR has worked with the top athletes and coaches in the business to create the perfect low cost,...
  • Size: 12, 14, and 16
  • Color: Black, gray-black, and red-black
  • Made of: High-tech modern synthetic, multiple layers of foam 
  • Accessories: Grip bar, wide wrist wrap, mesh palms
  • Traits: Comfortable, high absorption, and long-lasting

Revgear knows that martial arts are more than training and fighting and that it’s a way of life, so they approach their production that way. Their Premier boxing gloves will take your training to a new level, and you can order them for the modest price of $39.99 in sizes 12, 14, and 16oz.

Available colors are black, gray-black, and red-black. The Premier gloves are covered with high-tech modern synthetic construction that is durable and will last, even if you like to train very often. Under the skin cover are multiple layers of foam for guaranteed high absorption and safety of the knuckles.

A wide hoop-and-loop closure and an extra wide wrist wrap are responsible for wrist safety. The gloves are easy to put on and take off. They stay snug even after a long time and also use a foam grip bar for a firmer feeling in the hands and better impact stability.

Mesh palms are responsible for less sweaty hands, guaranteeing hand comfort. The quality is superb, and judging by the reviews, they are great workmanship at a great price.

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