What is Shara Magomedov’s Fighting Style? Career Highlights & Stats

In the dynamic world of MMA, every fighter brings a unique blend of skills and techniques to the octagon. One such intriguing figure is Sharabudtin Magomedov, and enthusiasts are eager to dissect and understand the intricacies of his fighting style. In this blog post, we delve into the distinctive elements that define Sharabudtin Magomedov’s approach to the sport, exploring the techniques, strengths, and strategies that make him a compelling force in the MMA arena.

Early Days

Sharabutdin “Bullet” Magomedov was born in 1994 in Makhachkala, Dagestan, Russia. He attended Moscow’s Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. As a young athlete on the soccer field, he discovered his love for martial arts.

Because of that same love, during one of the training sessions in 2016, he got an eye injury that cost him his sight and required eight operations, but his eye was not saved. However, this problem did not manage to distance the Dagestani from competing and training in martial arts.

Amateur Career

Shara started boxing at 12 so he could defend himself on the street where he was constantly getting into trouble in Dagestan. Later, he switched to Muay Thai, where he absolutely excelled with his performances in international and regional competitions. Bullet is the winner of the International Boxing Tournament and the International Muay Thai Tournament.

He also won the All-Russian Muay Thai Competition and the All-Russian Kickboxing Competition. Magomedov is a master of Burmese boxing and taught Combat Sambo skills. He increased his amateur MMA score to 5 wins without defeat, and what is particularly interesting is that he did these fights after becoming a professional.

Professional Career

Sharabutdin made his professional debut in 2017, where he won by knockout in the first round. He continued his knockout streak throughout his entire career for the next five years, and he mostly finished his matches in the first or second rounds. Today, Shara has a record of 12 wins with ten knockouts, 7 of which are in the first round, and two decisions without a single loss. Magomedov also holds the record of 18 wins and two losses in kickboxing.

He excelled in professional competitions in Russia and China, fighting for organizations such as Chin Woo Men, The King FC, AMC, RCC, Arena Global, and Thailand FC. In 2023, Shara arrived at the UFC door with his perfect record, where in his debut, Magomed won by decision against Bruno Silva. He opened his career at welterweight and had one fight in light heavyweight. However, today, he competes in the middleweight division of the UFC.

Fighting Style

Based on Magomed’s birthplace, one would think there is another hell of a grappler. However, Bullet is far from a wrestler who comes from Makhachkala in a completely different model than we are used to. 

Stand-Up Dominance: Sharabudtin Magomedov defies expectations from his birthplace, showcasing a stand-up fighting style that sets him apart. With roots in Makhachkala, this One-Eyed Russian Pirate relies on fluid movements, quick guards, and frequent low kicks to keep opponents at bay.

Versatile Kicking Arsenal: Magomedov’s kicks are a standout feature, characterized by speed, precision, and unwavering strength. Whether launching them as counters or attacks, he targets every pain point, displaying a comprehensive range from head to toe.

Muay Thai Mastery: Transferring his Muay Thai expertise seamlessly into the cage, Shara employs dangerous knees from the clinch and sharp elbows, making him a formidable opponent. His striking finesse extends to engaging in punching exchanges without fear, a testament to his boxing champion background.

Elite Striking Performance: Mixing lethal hand combinations with his kicks, Magomedov demonstrates an elite striking performance. His brutal and calculated attacks reflect a desire to eliminate opponents swiftly, leaving no room for hesitation in the pocket.

Fearless Pocket Exchanges: Despite losing an eye in battle, Shara fearlessly engages in punching exchanges in the pocket. This fearless approach showcases his resilience and determination to dominate even in the most close-quarter combat scenarios.

Grappling Skills and Potential: While Magomedov’s grappling skills were exposed in a previous bout, he displayed danger even from his back. As a relative newcomer to elite competition, his future lies in refining his wrestling, a prospect that could make the middleweight category take notice.

Violent Intent: Magomedov’s fighting style is characterized by a ruthless intent to eliminate opponents swiftly with every hit. His aggression and calculated brutality create a sense of urgency in his attacks, reflecting a mindset focused on securing victory efficiently.

Improvement Path: Acknowledging the need to enhance his wrestling skills, Magomedov’s potential lies in future improvements. Once his wrestling game is honed, the middleweight category could face a significantly more formidable adversary.

Achievements in Martial Arts

In his eighth professional fight, Magomedov managed to get his first championship when he made his debut in the light-heavyweight category of the Arena Global organization, which he won by a knockout in the first round. Some memorable professional successes are the Eurasia Championship in Burmese boxing, the “Nashe Delo,” and the MMA global organization championships.

Sharabudtin is a Master of Sports in Thai boxing, kickboxing, Burmese boxing, and Combat Sambo. He also became a champion in Thailand, competing for the TFC organization and winning the Bangla Boxing Stadium and Patong Stadium championships. He won several MMA and K1 tournaments competing in China and is a Russian professional champion in Thai boxing. After an enviably decorated career with various titles, Magomedov now targets the UFC belt with one eye.

The Most Incredible Win

Although he shut down most of his opponents in impressive ways early in the fight, Sharabutdin’s most impressive victory was his first fight in UFC 294 against Bruno Silva, due to him coming into the most elite fighting organization and taking the win in his debut. 

Shara was leading the striking exchange with impressive numbers through all three rounds. Bullet threw a lot of high-quality and fast kicks, showing versatility and mixing combinations with hands and feet, aiming at Bruno Silva’s legs, body, and head. He was taken down three times, although Bruno had seven attempts.

Still, the Brazilian managed to control him for almost seven minutes. Magomedov proved himself to be a dangerous fighter even at the highest level of competition. Successful striking in 15 minutes was enough for him to win the judges’ unanimous decision, with 30-27 on all cards.

Bruno Silva was a dangerous and much more experienced opponent, with 23 wins and ten losses. Regardless, Shara finished the job well in his first appearance in the UFC Octagon.

Daily Training Gear

Unsurprisingly, the fighter with Muay Thai roots uses Fairtex gloves while preparing in Thailand and uses the same brand of hand wraps to secure the wrists on his killer hands. He also uses gel hand wraps in his training. High-quality equipment is also found on his legs, which Twins shin guards protect. The Thai Boxing enthusiast also uses Fairtex shin guards, Twins Muay Thai gloves, and Full Face Headgear while enjoying sparring with his partners. Bullet also utilizes the Green Hill brand for training gloves and cage gear.

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Net Worth

Considering his freshness in the UFC, Magomed’s net worth and fight earnings are still unknown to the public, as per the news in 2023. However, despite all his success in combat sports, he was forced to switch to MMA for financial reasons.

What is known, Shara says that the UFC offered him a large amount of money for his debut, which was over $50,000 if he showed up, plus the same amount if he won the match, which he did. His most recent known sponsorship is with Gorilla Supplements, who have gone out of their way to prepare him for his debut.

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