What is Kamaru Usman’s Fighting Style? Career Highlights & Stats

Step into the intense world of Kamaru Usman, the UFC’s reigning Welterweight Champion, as we unravel the secrets behind his dominating fighting style, career-defining highlights, and jaw-dropping stats. Discover the tactical brilliance that makes Usman an unstoppable force in the octagon, and delve into the impressive journey that has solidified his status as a true champion. Get ready for an inside look into the heart-pounding, high-stakes world of Kamaru Usman’s fighting prowess and unparalleled success.

Early Days

Kamarudeen “Kamaru” Usman was born in 1987 in Auchi, Edo, Nigeria. Kamaru grew up in a modest family with two brothers, Mohammed and Kashetu, a father, Nasiru, and his mother. Usman was born into a family of mixed religions: his father is Muslim, and his mother is Christian.

His father became a pharmacist in the United States. Hence, the family moved to Dallas, Texas, when Usman was eight. He attended Bowie High School in Arlington, Texas, and then William Penn University. He later transferred to the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

Amateur Career

He started his amateur martial career by excelling in High School and college wrestling, including folkstyle and freestyle wrestling, where he was an active and successful competitor from 2008 to 2012. He won the All-American Championship and the NCAA Division II National thrice in 2010.

His wrestling background proved to be the perfect foundation for Mixed Martial Arts, where Kamaru Usman completely transitioned after he failed to qualify for the 2012 Olympic team due to injuries preventing him. Kamaru had to abandon that dream and devote his focus from wrestling to freestyle cage fights.

Professional Career

In 2012, at the end of November, Kamaru entered the professional cage for the first time, defeating his opponent by TKO in a welterweight about. 12 years of competition later, Kamaru has a record of 20 victories, of which nine are knockouts, one submission, and ten decisions. Usman has lost four times, once by knockout, once by submission, and twice by decision.

For two years, he performed for organizations such as RFA, CFA, VFC, and Legacy FC. In 2015, Kamaru came to the UFC, where he won The Ultimate Fighter 21 welterweight tournament. He shared the cage with top fighters such as Demian Maia, Rafael Dos Anjos, Tyron Woodley, Colby Covington twice, Jorge Masvidal twice, Gilbert Burns, and even had three matches with current champion Leon Edwards, from whom he lost the title in 2022 after dominantly holding it for three and a half years.

Fighting Style

Kamaru Usman’s fighting style highlights a perfect blend of skill, strategy, and championship mentality, making him a force to be reckoned with in the UFC.

Complete Fighter Status: Kamaru Usman, aka “The Nigerian Nightmare,” epitomizes a complete fighter in the UFC, showcasing a well-rounded skill set that has evolved significantly over the years.

Wrestling and BJJ Prowess: As a successful wrestler and Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt, Usman’s grappling skills are top-notch, allowing him to dominate opponents both on the ground and in takedown defense.

Dominant Control: Usman’s strength and skill translate into a dominant ground game, enabling him to secure takedowns and maintain control over his opponents, accumulating points for control.

Impressive Takedown Defense: With an exceptional 90% takedown defense, Usman proves to be a challenging force to take down, a testament to his wrestling background and championship mentality.

Endurance and Gas Tank: Usman’s championship mentality extends to his endurance and gas tank, allowing him to take fights to the distance without a significant slowdown, making him a formidable force in five-round matches.

Evolved Striking Game: Demonstrating continuous improvement, Usman’s striking has evolved match after match. His champion-level jab is both quick and powerful, while his cross has proven capable of knocking out top strikers like Jorge Masvidal and flooring opponents like Colby Covington.

Strategic Intelligence: Usman’s approach matches intelligence and patience, utilizing his physical strength intelligently. His fights are a display of strategic prowess, emphasizing durability and a keen understanding of fight dynamics.

Exceptional Striking Defense: With a solid chin that can withstand powerful punches, Usman’s striking defense is of high quality, making him a tough contender in stand-up exchanges.

Achievements in Martial Arts

In addition to winning the TUF tournament, Kamaru is the first Nigerian to become a UFC champion. In addition, he is a former welterweight champion who recorded five successful and convincing title defenses, which was made possible by his dominant fighting style. Certainly, his most successful year so far was 2021, where he actively defended his title against Covington, Masvidal, and Bruns.

He has also picked up many accolades, such as Male Fighter and Fighter of the Year, Knockout of the Year, and Fight and Knockout of the Month. He is no stranger to UFC Bonuses for top fights and performances. It is important to note that Usman was undefeated for eight years before making his second title defense against Leon Edwards, where he lost the streak and the title.

The Most Incredible Win

Usman’s career is one big highlight of success. Still, the most impressive victory is absolute dominance against the convincing champion Tyron Woodley. He dominated the former champion through five rounds with an incredible difference in signature strikes, leading a triple. In addition, Kamaru secured two takedowns from six attempts, which he made the most of to secure control for an incredible 18 minutes.

Tyron had a long, terrible night, feeling helpless for much of the match. He hurt and abused Woodley badly in every aspect of the game, not giving him room to breathe throughout the fight. Kamaru was truly on fire that night, and he was relentless in his pursuit of the title. Even more impressive is that Usman has shown similarly dominant performances against other challengers throughout his career defending the title.

He did so many title fights, yet in everyone, he always showed that he loved to fight and could do it for a whole night. Regardless of who stood across from him, he was always ready to display his combativeness, competitiveness, and will to dominate.

Daily Training Gear

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Net Worth

He managed to increase his net worth to $3 million, according to data from 2023. From 2015 to 2017, he earned $100,000 per fight, and his price quickly jumped to $1 million in 2019, while in 2021, Kamaru earned $2.5 million, his biggest earnings from fights. His penchant for collecting bonuses has also helped him financially.

Kamaru is a man who has decided to give back to the community and is happy to engage in charity work. Sponsors who have been watching his back for years are Reebok, Trifecta, Love Hemp CBD, Gorilla Wear, and Bodyarmor.

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