Top 55 Tallest Boxers of All Time – In each weight division

In boxing, height is important, even if not too much, but still. Especially in those cases when the boxing skills of two fighters are almost on the same level. The height can be one of the things that will decide the final result of the fight. The famous expression that a good big boxer will beat a good small one does make sense. A different number of boxers can be named with different weights. I will try to include as many as I can. Also, check out the list of the tallest MMA fighters.

Heavy Weight (>90.7 kg / 200 lb)

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Gogea Mitu (224 cm / 7’4″)

The Romanian fighter is also called “Romanian Goliath”. According to different sources had from 2 to 10 fights in the pro ring. According to BoxRec statistics, only two of them were sanctioned. Both fights took place in 1935, both of which Mitu had early wins. The 21-year-old boxer’s career was cut short by death. Mitu also entered the Guinness World Record as the tallest man in Romania at that time.

John Rankin (224 cm / 7’4″)

Rankin used to box to get out of his overweight. After a short amateur career, John had one fight in the professional ring (1967). At the time of the fight, he was about 136 kg / 295 lbs. The giant with long arms won by unanimous decision. Before that, John worked as a doorman in a hotel.

Jim Cully (218,4 cm / 7’2″)

This Irish boxer was boxed in the 1940s. The tallest boxer in his weight class. With such a huge height, Jim was quite thin; in fights, he did not weigh more than 120 kg / 54,4 lbs. Culley surprisingly won only 3 of his six fights even when he was taller than his opponents by a head and shoulders.

Making his debut in 1942 at the Opera House in Cork, Culley won the Irish heavyweight title, defeating Butcher Howell by knockout. However, Culley, who had immigrated to the United States, lost his title in the next fight. Chris Cole stopped Culley in Dalymount Park (Ireland) in June 1942. Cole threw Culley only seven punches, and after Culley’s corner, threw the towel to end the fight. After that, Culley won two more times and also lost twice before retiring in 1948.

Ewart Potgieter (218 cm / 7’2″)

Ewart Frederick Potgieter, born in 1932, was a South African professional boxer of German descent. He is listed in the Guinness World Records as the 2nd highest professional boxer in history. Ewart Potgieter came into the boxing world by making a series of wins in South Africa.

Afterward, he decided to make a career in boxing and went to Great Britain. He won his first fight there but unfortunately lost his last one. After that, he decided to quit boxing and returned to South Africa. But after that, he made one last try to take up boxing again and went to the United States.

There, he lost his first fight but won the next two, and then he lost to John Holman and decided to quit boxing. Ewart Potgieter boxed in 1954, 1955, and 1957, scoring 11 wins, two losses, and one draw. Then there are many boxers (mostly from the USA) with 216 and 213-cm heights. Among them are Julius Long, Tom Payne, Marcellus Brown, Luis Alberto Gonzalez, and many others.

Jurij Frank (217 cm / 7’1,5″)

Yuri Frank, nicknamed Giant, originally from Kazakhstan, is a German pro boxer who competes in the heavyweight division. His height is 217 cm, which gave him no small advantage in boxing. His pro debut was in 2009 when he defeated German boxer Martin Stensky by TKO. Almost all of his fights took place in Germany. For his career, he had 17 fights of which 13 wins and four losses. In 2019, Gigan finished his career.

Julius Long (216 cm / 7’1″)

Julius Long was born May 28, 1977, is an American heavyweight professional boxer, now living in New Zealand. He is best known for his physical height: 7’1″. Julius Long turned pro on January 17, 2001, at the age of 23. He won his first fight by stoppage in the first round.

Throughout his career, he was a journeyman and fought famous opponents such as former WBC heavyweight champion Samuel Peter, Olympic gold medalists; Audley Harrison and Audlanye Solis, as well as several heavyweight title contenders. His record stands at 18 wins and 26 losses. He had his last fight in May 2023, where he lost by decision.

Taishan Dong (213 cm / 7’0″)

He was born on May 18, 1988, in Lanzhou. At the age of 15, he started playing basketball, but he didn’t like it and switched to martial arts. He practiced kung fu, then kickboxing. His most famous kickboxing fight was against the famous American Bob Sapp on February 23, 2013, which he won by knockout in the first round.

He had his first fight in the professional boxing ring in July 2014, a first-round knockout of American Alex Roizman (2-7, 1 KO). And in his next fight in November, he also knocked out another American, Tommy Washington, in the first round. Taishan Dong is 213 cm/ 7 ft tall, the same height as Nikolay Valuev, who became the first Russian heavyweight champion in the history of professional boxing.

Taishan Dong first practiced basketball, then wrestling, kung fu, and kickboxing. In 2013, he defeated famous fighter Bob Sapp in the first round by knockout. The Chinese began his professional boxing career in June 2014 by signing a contract with the promotion company Golden Boy Promotions.

Nikolai Valuev (213 cm / 7’0″)

The famous Russian boxer does not look so huge on this list anymore. However, he was much more successful in the ring than the others. Valuev is officially the tallest boxer among those who became world champions. Besides, he is also the “heaviest” of the champions. Valuev ended his career as a boxer in 2010 and is now a politician. He had 52 fights, of which he won 50, 34 of them by knockout.

For comparison, one of the tallest heavyweights of our time, Tyson Fury, is 206 cm / 6,75 ft tall.

Cruiserweight (<90,7 kg / 200 lb)

Ruediger May (197 cm / 6’5″)

Ruediger May was born in 1974 in Germany. He was a boxer in the late 90s and early 2000s. As an amateur, he had 76 fights, and he won 55 before turning pro on February 26, 1994, at the age of 19. He had his first professional fight in San Jose, California, and won the fight against Fred Simmons by unanimous decision.

He won his first 24 professional fights before winning the German BDB heavyweight title on September 4, 1999, defeating Silvio Meinel by points. However, after that followed his first professional loss to Turkish boxer Turan Bagci. May also hold the EBU (European Champion) title. He faced Marco Hook, Krzysztof Wlodarczyk, Johnny Nelson, and many other famous fighters of the division.

Guillermo Jones (193 сm/ 6’3″)

Guillermo Jones is also known as El Felino. The phenomenon from Panama was born in 1972. Guillermo was twice World Champion in this weight. Besides that, he debuted in the professional ring in 1993, at welterweight, under the famous Don King’s promotion. He had four fights there, 3 of them winning by KO in the 1st round. Guillermo also fought in super welterweight, super middleweight, light heavyweight, cruiserweight, and heavyweight divisions.

Juan Carlos Gomez (192 сm/ 6’3″)

Juan was born in 1973 in Cuba. This Cuban boxer with a rich amateur background has been the world heavyweight champion for four years. Besides that, Gomez also fought in the heavyweight division. He did so after winning all the worthy opponents in the cruiserweight division and holding a 10-0 record. He is also well known for his heavyweight title fight against Vitali Klitschko. For comparison, Yoan Pablo Hernandez and David Haye are each 191 cm/ 6’26 ft.

Light Heavyweight (< 79,4 kg/ 175 lb)

Stipe Drvis (196 сm/ 6’5″)

Stipe Drvis was born in 1973 in Yugoslavia. He is a Croatian Yugoslavian professional left-handed boxer nicknamed “Spider-Man.” He fought in the Light Heavyweight division. He had a rich amateur career, where he was a member of the Croatian national team at the 1996 Olympics. He is an ex-WBA world champion.

Vonzell Johnson (193 сm/ 6’3″)

This American boxer was the highest-ranked light heavyweight in the strongest (golden) period of the 80s. Even after losing hard fights to two of the best light heavyweights of that time, Saad Muhammad and Michael Spinks. Vonzell was the 1974 Golden Gloves winner and AAU champion. Despite his incredible build and height, he didn’t escape from punching exchanges. He defeated future world champions, Marvin Johnson and John Conteh.

Robert Foster (191 сm/ 6’3″)

Robert Foster, also known as Robert “Bob” Foster, was born in 1938 in New Mexico. Robert made his boxing debut in 1961. Early in his career, he competed in the heavyweight division. Foster is one of the greatest boxers in the history of this division, who often and quite competitively boxed against heavyweights as well. He defended his WBC title 14 times and the WBA title 4 times. His last fight was in 1978 against heavyweight Bob Hazelton, where he lost by TKO.

Michael Spinks (189 сm/ 6’2″)

Michael Spinks, also known as Michel “Jinx” Spinks, was born in 1956 in St. Louis. As an amateur boxer, he proved to be a very good athlete. From 100 fights in his amateur career, he won 93. Besides that, in 1976, at the Olympics in Montreal, Michael won the gold medal. Spinks is also the first light heavyweight who became the heavyweight champion.

Michael faced Mike Tyson in the same ring at the end of his great professional boxing career in 1988. In this fight, Tyson knocked Spinks down in the first round with an uppercut and a hook to the body. After Spinks got back on his feet, Tyson knocked him out again, this time with an uppercut. Spinks finished his boxing career after that fight.

For comparison, the average light-heavyweight is about 183 cm/ 6,00 ft (Sergei Kovalev, Eddie Mustafa Muhammad, Eleider Alvarez, Ezzard Charles, and Dmitry Bivol are that height).

Super Middleweight (<76,2 кg/ 168 lb)

Mario Veit (192 сm/ 6’3″)

Mario was born in 1972 in Cottbus, Germany. German boxer of the late 90s and early 2000s. Mario won his first fights and reached the record of 30-0. His first loss was to Italian Joe Calzaghe, also known as The Italian Dragon or Super Joe. Most of his fights were in his homeland. He owned several secondary titles and was a contender for the world title.

Callum Smith (191 сm/ 6’3″)

Callum Smith, aka “Mundo,” was born in 1990 in Liverpool, UK. Callum made his professional boxing debut in 2012. A finalist of the “World Boxing Super Series” and a British boxing family Smith member. His family has four sons, and all of them are boxers (Paul, Stephen, Liam, and Calum Smith). Smith also won the 2018 Muhammad Ali Cup, where he knocked out George Groves in the 7th round.

By comparison, current WBO champion Gilberto Ramirez is 189 cm/ 6’2 ft.

Middleweight (<72,6 кg/ 160 lb)

Kingsley Ikeke (193 сm/ 6’3″)

Kingsley Ikeke, born in 1973 in Benin, Nigeria, was also known as Kingsley “King” or “Sharp Knuckle”. He is a Nigerian boxer who was the middleweight champion in the 2000s. Known for his fights against Arthur Abraham and Jean Pascal. Kingsley lost to Artur Abraham in 2005 by knockout in the 5th round.

Kelly Pavlik (188 сm/ 6’2″)

Kelly Pavlik was born in 1982 in Youngstown, Ohio, also known as Kelly “Ghost” Pavlik. Pavlik is a double world champion (WBC and WBO). In the professional ring, Pavlik realized his potential. This was his sport. As a famous fighter, Ghost stayed in Youngstown. Over the years, Pavlik became a national hero.

During his 6-year professional career, Kelly had 28 fights and won all of them. The most famous was his win against Bronco McCarthy, the ex-world champion. Pavlik was the first one who defeated McCarthy early.

Keith Holmes (188 сm/ 6’2″)

Keith Holmes was born in 1969 in Washington, DC. As a pro boxer, he made his boxing debut in 1989. Holder of the WBC title in the second half of the 90s but lost it to Bernard Hopkins. His career ended in 2009. Then he fought his last fight against Willis Lockett and won by unanimous decision.

For comparison, Michael Nunn and Iran Barkley of 185 cm/ 6’06 ft.

Super Welterweight (<69,8 кg/ 154 lb)

Sebastian Fundora (197 сm/ 6’5″)

Sebastian Alexander Fundora was born in West Palm Beach, Florida. This left-handed American is an incredibly tall and skinny boxer for his weight class. Many spotted him on the night of the Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury II on February 22, 2020. Sebastian’s height is from his Cuban roots on his father’s side.

All the boxer’s family members are giants on his father’s side. He also has a bit of Mexican blood because his mother is from Mexico. Currently, he is undefeated and fighting under the Sampson Boxing team. Also, Sebastian won almost all of his fights by knockout.

Jarrett Hurd (185 cm/ 6’1″)

Jarrett Hurd, aka Jarrett “Swift” Hurd, was born in 1990 in Accokeek, Maryland. As an amateur boxer, he had 40 fights and won 32 of them. As a pro, Jarrett made his professional debut in 2012. He is also an ex-world champion in his IBF, WBA, and IBO versions category. Up to 2018, Swift was the IBO champion, and then in 2018, he beat Erislandy Lara and unified his titles. But already in 2019, Jarrett lost his title by a decision to Julian Williams.

Welterweight (<66,7 кg/ 147 lb)

Guillermo Jones (193 сm/ 6’3″)

That’s right; it is the same guy who was previously named. Jones is known to many in this division for his fight with Denis Lebedev. Let me remind you that Guillermo is the boxer who rose to the cruiserweight division and was more than successful there and became a champion.

But most interestingly, while fighting in his home country of Panama, Guillermo held the WBA welterweight and super welterweight belts. That was in the mid-1990s.

Maurice Blocker (188 сm/ 6’2″)

Maurice Blocker, nicknamed “Thin Man,” was born in 1963 in Washington, D.C. Maurice made his professional boxing debut in 1982. During his career, he had 40 fights where. He won 36 of them, 20 of them by KO. Blocker was a two-time world welterweight champion (in the early 1990s). You can see how big he was when he was fighting Felix Trinidad, who was big for the welterweight division. Maurice retired in 1995 after a TKO victory over Bobby Butters.

Mark Breland (188 сm/ 6’2″)

Mark Anthony Breland was born in 1963 in Brooklyn, New York. Member of the 1984 U.S. Olympic All-Star Team. In amateurs has only one loss out of 110 fights. Also, in 1984, Mark debuted in professional boxing. In professionals, he became the world champion twice (in the late 80s). In 1991, after losing to Aaron Davis, he finished his career, but in 1996, he returned to the ring again, and in 1997, he retired again.

Thomas Hearns (185 сm/ 6’1″)

Thomas Hearns, also known as Hitman, was born in 1958 in Memphis, Tennessee. He is a true boxing legend. He was the world champion in five weight classes. Probably his most famous fight was with Sugar Ray Leonard. The fight between these two boxers occurred on September 16, 1981, at Caesars Palace Arena in Las Vegas. About 300 million people from 50 countries watched the fight live. That’s when Thomas had his first loss. Thomas finished his boxing career in 2006.

Paul Williams (185 сm/ 6’1″)

Paul Williams, aka “The Punisher,” was born in 1981 in Aiken, South Carolina. He made his professional boxing debut in 2000. Two-time welterweight champion, quite popular in the mid-2000s. Unfortunately, he got into an accident in 2012.

At 72 mph, he was trying to avoid a car collision, and he flew almost 20 meters before falling. As a result, The Punisher got spinal and spinal cord injuries. This ended up putting Paul in a wheelchair. Today, Paul is still in a wheelchair, but he has found himself coaching young talents.

For comparison, the average height of a middleweight would be somewhere around 175 cm/ 5’74 ft. Vernon Forrest is quite tall by the standards of a welterweight and is 183 cm/ 6 ft.

Super Lightweight (<63,5 кg/ 140 lb)

Hugo Pineda (185 сm/ 6’1″)

Hugo Pineda was born in 1971 in Barranquilla, Colombia. A Colombian left-handed boxer is known for his fights against Kostya Tszyu and Felix Trinidad. Eventually, he rose to the first heavyweight division. Hugo had his first pro boxing fight in 1991. In a fight with Kostya Tszyu in 1996, Hugo lost.

As people said at the time, he became one of the toughest opponents in Kostya’s career. In total, Pineda fought 45 fights, of which he won 39, 28 by knockout.

Diosbelys Hurtado (182 сm/ 6’0″)

Diosbelys Hurtado, also known as “Black Money,” was born in 1972 in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. In 1994, Diosbelys made his professional boxing debut. He is a very skilled Cuban boxer who used to put Kostya Tszyu and Pernell Whitaker into a lot of trouble. In 1997, he met Pernell Whitaker in the ring and started the fight very well, but in the end, he was defeated by a knockout. He was very good against Kostya Tszyu, but in the fifth round, he could not continue to fight with the Russian boxer.

After the knockdown, the referee continued the fight, but after a few seconds, Kostya sent Hurtado to the floor again, and the fight was stopped. Hurtado fought a total of 44 fights, 40 of which he won, 25 of them by knockout.

Juan Urango (180 сm/ 6’0″)

Juan Urango, aka “Iron Twin,” was born in 1979 in Monteria, Colombia. He is a two-time ex-champion of the world. Urango made his professional boxing debut in 2002. In 2006, Urango defeated Naoufel Ben Rabah by a decision. He then became the IBF World Champion. In 2007, Urango lost his title to Ricky Hatton by unanimous decision. Then, in 2009, he took back his title but lost it again in 2010. His last fight was in 2012.

For comparison, Julius Indongo is 179 cm/ 5’87” tall.

Lightweight (<61,2 кg/ 135 lb)

Robert Easter Jr. (180 сm/ 6’0″)

Robert Easter Jr. was born in 1991 in Toledo, Ohio. From 2016 to 2018, he was the IBF world champion. Robert is truly a very tall boxer for the lightweight division. In his years as an amateur boxer, he had 230 fights and won 213. On the pro level, Robert made his debut in 2012. As a pro, he has 24 fights, of which he wins 22, 14 of them by KO.

Ernesto Espana (180 сm/ 6’0″)

Ernesto Espana was born in 1954 in Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela. The Venezuelan boxer was the world champion in the late 70s. Espana made his boxing debut in 1975; in 1979, he became the WBA World Champion by the KO of Claude Noel.

During his professional career, he fought 44 fights, of which he won 36, 29 of them by KO. To see how big Espana is for his division, it’s enough to see him fight Ray Mancini.

Diego Corrales (179 сm/ 5’9″)

Diego Corrales, nicknamed “Chico,” was born in 1977 in Sacramento, California. Diego has also fought in the super featherweight division, but he is a very big fighter, even for the lightweight division. In amateurs, he had 117 fights, 105 of which he won. He made his pro debut in 1996.

Chico was the world champion in three versions: IBO, WBO, and WBC. During his professional career, he had 45 fights, 40 of which he won, 33 of them by KO. Unfortunately, in 2007, Diego died in a car accident when his motorcycle crashed into the car.

For comparison, Oscar De La Hoya was tall for a welterweight, 179 cm/ 5’87″.

Super Featherweight (<59 кg/ 130 lb)

Genaro Hernandez (180 сm/ 5’9″)

Genaro Hernandez, also known as Chicanito, was born in 1966 in Los Angeles, California. He is an outstanding American boxer and one of the longest-running super featherweight champions. Genaro was a 2-time WBA and WBC world champion. He debuted in professional boxing in 1984.

During his career, he had 41 fights where he lost only two fights to such great fighters as Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather Jr. After the fight with Floyd in 1998, Chicanito finished his career.

Oscar De La Hoya (179 сm/ 5’9″)

Oscar De La Hoya, nicknamed Golden Boy, was born in 1973 in Montebello, California. He is the 15th-best boxer of all time, no matter the weight class. Oscar is the IBD, WBO, WBC, and WBA world champion in 6 different weight divisions. In 1992, he became the Olympic Champion.

Oscar debuted at the pro fight the same year, winning the first round against Lamar Williams three times, knocking him down. He fought against many great fighters, including Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao. These three boxers certainly had incredible speed and deserved to be called one of the fastest boxers in the world. Be sure to check the list of other famous fastest boxers.

Cornelius Boza-Edwards (174 сm/ 5’7″)

Cornelius Boza-Edwards was born in 1956 in Kampala, Uganda. Cornelius is an ex-WBO champion who fought almost every top fighter of his division at the time. Cornelius made his professional boxing debut in 1976. During his career, he had 53 fights; he won 45 and 34 by knockout. He retired in 1987 after losing to Mexican boxer Jose Ramirez in a fight for the WBC belt.

Featherweight (<57,2 кg/ 126 lb)

Patrick Forde (178 сm/ 5’8″)

Patrick Forde, aka Pat Ford, was born in 1955 in Georgetown, Guyana. He is a contender for the titles of the early 80s. Also known for his fights against Salvador Sanchez and Eusebio Pedrosa. The first guy in boxing history from Guyana who was fighting for the real champion belt.

He debuted on the pro-fighting stage in 1976. He had 23 fights, where he won 19 of them, 12 of them by TKO. Patrick finished his career in 1987.

Alexis Arguello (178 сm/ 5’8″)

Alexis Arguello, aka El Flaco Explosivo, born 1952, Managua, Nicaragua. A real legend of boxing. Became the champion also at super featherweight and lightweight. Rated as the best boxer in the history of this weight division by The Ring magazine. In 1968, at just 16, he made his pro boxing debut and won by knockout in the first round. During his career, he had 90 fights, 82 of which he won and 65 by knockout. Alexis finished his career in 1995.

Mario Miranda (177 сm/ 5’8″)

Mario Miranda, also known as Hammer, was born in 1959 in Barranquilla, Colombia. Top contender for titles in the early 80’s. He debuted in professional boxing in 1979. Mario had 46 fights, of which 41 of them he won, 24 of them by KO.

For comparison, Salvador Sanchez, a pretty big featherweight, is 170 cm/ 5’57 ft tall.

Super Bantamweight (<55,2 кg/ 122 lb)

Celestino Caballero (180 сm/ 5’9″)

Celestino Caballero, also known as Pelenchín, was born in 1976 in Colon, Panama. He is an ex-world champion. Twice won the super-bantamweight title and once featherweight title by IBF and WBA versions. He made his pro-debut in 1998. He fought 43 fights, where he won 37 and 24 of them by knockout. In 2014, he had his last fight against Adrian Estrella.

Jeffrey Mathebula (180 сm/ 5’9″)

Jeffrey Mathebula, nicknamed Mongoose, was born in 1979 in Malamulele, South Africa. Champion from South Africa, who lost the title to Nonito Donaire. In the ring, he faced Celestino Caballero. As well, Jeffrey was the IBF champion of his weight division. In his amateur career, he fought 101 fights, losing only 4 of them.

Mongoose made his pro debut in 2001. He had 34 fights, winning 27, 14 of them by KO. In 2013, he finished his career. For comparison, Erik Morales is 173 cm/ 5’67 ft.

Bantamweight (<53,5 кg/ 118 lb)

Raul Perez (178 сm/ 5’8″)

Raul Perez, nicknamed Jibaro, was born in 1967 in Tijuana, Baja, California, Mexico. Raúl was an ex-champion in two weight divisions in the late 80s and early 90s. The same height had Mike Tyson. Raúl made his professional boxing debut in 1984. He had 70 fights, of which he won 61, 42 of them by KO. Raul his career in 2000.

Jamie McDonnell (176 cm/ 5’8″)

Jamie McDonnell was born in 1986 in Doncaster, UK. He is an ex-European champion and WBA bantamweight champion. This British boxer may be known to the public for his recent loss to Japanese monster Naoya Inoue. He made his pro debut in 2005. He had 34 fights in which he won 30, and 13 of them by knockout. His last fight was in 2019.

Panama Al Brown (175 сm/ 5’7″)

Panama Al Brown, also known as Kid Theophile, was born in 1902 in Colon City, Panama. This Panamanian boxer became the first Spanish-speaking world champion. He had over 150 fights in the ring, winning 129 of them. He was the champion from 1929 to 1934. Brown made his professional ring debut in 1922. He had 160 fights in the ring and won 129 of them, 59 of them by knockout. His last fight was in 1942.

Zolani Tete (175 сm/ 5’75″)

Zolani Tete, nicknamed Last Born, was born in 1988 in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. He is the WBO champion. A participant in the Super Series Tournament of the division. He is also the ex-IBF Super flyweight champion. Zolani made his pro debut in 2006. In the pros, he fought 32 fights, 28 of which he won and 21 of them by knockout. In 2019, he had his last fight against Filipino boxer John Riel Casimero, where he lost by TKO.

Super Flyweight (<52,2 кg/ 115 lb)

Sho Ishida (171 сm/ 5’6″)

Sho Ishida was born in 1991 in Osaka, Japan. Title contender from Japan, who was defeated in 2017 at the hands of champion Kalida Yafaya. Made his pro debut in 2009. He had 31 fights, 29 of which he won, 15 of them by knockout.

Rex Tso (170 сm/ 5’6″)

Rex Tso, also known as The Wonder Kid, was born in 1987 in Hong Kong, China. He is currently an undefeated fighter from Hong Kong, holding several secondary titles. He made his pro debut in 2011. His last fight was in 2017. The Wonder Kid had 22 fights without a loss, and 14 finished by knockout.

For comparison, Naoya Inoue is not small for this weight at 165 cm/ 5’41 ft.

Flyweight (<50,8 кg/ 112 lb)

Pone Kingpetch (169 сm/ 5’5″)

Pone Kingpetch, also known as Mana Sridokbuab, was born in 1932 in Bangkok, Thailand. The first world champion ever from Thailand, he became the WBA champion three times. As a professional boxer, he made his debut in 1954. He had 35 fights, of which he won 28, 9 of them by knockout. In 1966, he finished his career.

Hilario Zapata (168 сm/ 5’5″)

Hilario Zapata, also known as Bujia, was born in 1958 in Panama City, Panama. Zapata is a skilled left-handed fighter and was both WBC and WBA flyweight champion. He made his professional boxing debut in 1977. He had 54 fights, where he won 43, and 14 of them by knockout. Bujia finished his career in 1993.

Prudencio Cardona (168 сm/ 5’5″)

Prudencio Cardona was born in San Basilio de Palenque, Colombia. Ex-WBC world champion. Cardona took part in the 1972 Olympics. In 1973, he debuted in professional boxing. He had 64 fights, of which 40 were victories, 28 of them by KO. Cardano finished his career in 1992 after a TKO loss to Darryl Pinckney.

Filipino legends Nonito Donaire (168 cm/ 5’51 ft) and Manny Pacquiao (169 cm/ 5’54 ft) also dominated their opponents in these weight divisions early in their careers. Their names will not be mentioned in each division.

Light Flyweight (<49 кg/ 108 lb)

Ryoichi Taguchi (168 сm/ 5’5″)

Ryoichi Taguchi was born in 1986 in Tokyo, Japan. He is a great boxer. He is an ex-world champion in both the IBF and WBA versions. In 2018, he lost both titles in a fight with Hekkie Budler. Taguchi made his pro debut in 2006. He fought 33 fights, 27 of which he won, 12 of them by knockout. The Japanese boxer had his last fight in 2019.

Michael Carbajal (166 сm/ 5’4″)

Michael Carbajal was born in 1967 in Phoenix, USA. He is the 5-time champion in this weight division and the first one who got the million-dollar payout in this division. In 1988, he won the silver medal at the Olympic Games in Seoul. In 1989, Michael made his pro debut. He had a total of 53 fights, where he won 49 of them and 39 of them by knockout. In 1999, he finished his career after a fight with Jorge Arce and won by TKO.

Miniflyweight (<47,6 кg/ 105 lb)

Jomarie Gamboa (169 сm/ 5’5″)

Jomarie Gamboa, also known as Gamboa Koizumi, was born in 1973 in Bacolod, Philippines. Gamboa was the WBA champion in 2000. He made his pro debut in 1993. He had 46 fights in total, 33 of them wins, 22 of them by TKO. In 2004, after four straight losses, he finished his career as a boxer.

Roberto Carlos Leyva (168 сm/ 5’5″)

Roberto Carlos Leyva, also known as Maco, was born in 1979 in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. Roberto is a left-handed boxer who also became the IBF World Champion in the early 2000s. Maco made his pro debut in 1998. He had 43 fights, 27 of which he won, 21 of them by knockout. Roberto ended his career in 2011 after a three-fight losing streak.

Ricardo Lopez (165 сm/ 5’4″)

Ricardo Lopez, by the nickname El Finito, was born in 1967 in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Ricardo finished his career without losses and with only one draw. He is the first fighter in history who never lost in amateur and pro fights. Multiple times, he appeared on PPV shows.

The Ring magazine called him the greatest fighter of all time in the mini-flyweight division. He made his pro debut in 1985 and fought 52 fights. Out of those fights, he knocked out opponents in 38 fights. In his last fight in 2001, he knocked out Zolani Petelo in the 8th round.

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