15 Best Punching Bags for Kids in 2023 – For training & fun

Parents who are aware of the true values in life will not hesitate to send their children to training from a young age. In this way, you teach them discipline and hard work before they enter the more difficult periods of life. Every parent knows how important their support is in their children’s eyes, so don’t skimp when it comes to high-quality martial arts gear for your little ones. To make your selection easier, today, we have prepared and selected for you, as always, quality and affordable equipment.

RDX Kids Freestanding Punching Bag

RDX Kids Freestanding Punching Bag
  • PRIORITIZE FITNESS ACTIVITIES Is your child missing out on their fitness? Worry not, the RDX junior...
  • DO NOT DOUBT IT’S STABILITY Create a bond with your kids in their training and become their ideal...
  • PHENOMENAL STURDY BASE The standing punching bag for kids features 12 suction-cups for high-level...
  • INNOVATIVE LOWER FOAM COVER A fusion of style and substance the unique lower removable protector...
  • 2.5CM THICK ABSOLUTE IMPACT DIFFUSION FOAM The junior free standing kick boxing bag is densely...
  • Size: 4ft, 61.81″ W x 47.64″ H
  • Color: Blue, green, gray and red
  • Materials: Maya Hide Leather, dense EPE foam, and shredded textile fabric
  • Attributes: Protective cover and 12 suction cups
  • Characteristics: Long-lasting and weather-resistant

RDX responds to the needs of your juniors with its freestanding bag priced at $159.99. Available in 4ft size and dimensions 61.81″ W x 47.64″H, and blue, green, gray, and red colors. It comprises multi-layered materials such as Maya Hide Leather, dense EPE foam, and shredded textile fabric, all with an anti-tear PU lining that allows it to accompany your little ones until their teenage years.

The stability of this bag is top-notch, as you can expect from RDX, and this allows you to have a solid base that can be filled with water or sand and 12 suction cups that do not allow the bag to move no matter how much you hit it. 

RDX Kids Punching Bag 2FT

RDX Kids Punching Bag 2FT
  • RDX twinned layer non tear Maya Hide Leather.
  • Punching bag is 2ft High (3ft with Nylon straps) with 28cm diameter
  • Our junior punch bag set offers Nylon Straps that deliver outstanding holding strength, they are...
  • For your upcoming young MMA fighter this complete set includes kids sized gloves, a punch bag that...
  • Resilient Maya Hide leather construction makes these gloves stubbornly durable and long-lasting....
  • Size: 24” H x 11” W
  • Color: White-black-red
  • Materials: Maya Hide leather and textile
  • Attributes: Kid-sized gloves
  • Characteristics: Long-lasting and highly durable

Another RDX bag for kids, this time in hanging model, which you can order for $74.99 and with Amazon’s -9% discount for $67.99. Made in 24” H x 11″ W dimensions in white color with red and black accents. The exterior of highly durable Maya Hide leather and the interior of soft textiles will take care of the child’s hands.

For installation, use D rings and a 360-degree swivel; its nylon straps will ensure that the bag stays in the air wherever you place it. The RDX bag also contains a zip-top closure, so you can fill the bag with materials as desired. As a gift with your order, you will receive high-quality gloves, the size of which was created for children’s hands with an emphasis on their safety.

Ringside Boxing Youth Heavy Bag Kit

Ringside Boxing Youth Heavy Bag Kit
  • Champions of tomorrow are made today and this youth heavy bag kit comes with everything your young...
  • This bundle is the perfect gift for your child boxer - Great for Kids (age 5-13)
  • Beginner boxing set includes a pair of youth boxing gloves, pair of handwraps, 40 pound filled vinyl...
  • Traditional red and black design with Ringside logos
  • Teach the importance of safety and proper technique in the beginning to ensure a long healthy future...
  • Size: 13″W x 40″H, 40 pounds
  • Color: Black and red with Ringside logo
  • Materials: Vinyl cover
  • Attributes: Gloves and bandages as a gift
  • Characteristics: Superior durability 

Ringside’s wide and high-quality range has children’s needs in mind, and you can order their indestructible hanging bag for $79.99. Available in Ringside’s traditional black and red colors with the company logo made in dimensions 13″W x 40″H with a weight of 40 pounds.

Ensure you provide them with professional conditions and teach them correct boxing techniques from an early age. This is a small replica of a very professional full-sized punching bag with a super durable vinyl exterior.

To install the bag on your ceiling, you will be provided with a swivel and mounting clip, and as a gift for your little ones, you will receive gloves for the bag and bandages for maximum safety of small developing hands.

Century Kids Kick – Youth Punching Bag

Century Kids Kick - Youth Punching Bag
  • HEAVY DUTY BAG - Weighs approximately 170 lbs. when base is filled with water.
  • PERFECT SIZE - Bag: 10.5" Diameter x 26" Tall (striking surface) Base: 22" Diameter x 12" Tall
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT - Overall Height: Adjusts from 37" to 52"
  • BUILT FOR THE YOUNG MARTIAL ARTISTS - The sizing and adjustable height makes this bag the perfect...
  • MADE IN THE USA - Century Martial Arts products are proudly made and distributed in the United...
  • Size: Bag (10.5″ W x 26″ H) and base (22″ W x 12″ H)
  • Color: Red bag and black base
  • Materials: Nylon cover and foam filling
  • Attributes: Adjustable height from 37” to 52”
  • Characteristics: Portable and long-lasting

Available for three years on the market, the highly rated Century standing bag can be yours for $179.00 in red bag color with black backing. Although it is made in a bag (10.5″ W x 26″ H) and base (22″ W x 12″ H) dimensions, it can be adjusted to heights from 37″ to 52″.

It is made of a durable nylon cover filled with high-impact foam for the ultimate martial arts experience for children. To install it, fill the base with water, the weight of which will be about 170 pounds, but regardless, the bag is portable using the roll relocation method. Whatever striking martial arts your kids do, they will love and learn with it.

RDX Kids Freestanding Punching Bag

RDX Kids Freestanding Punching Bag
  • MULTI-LAYERED MAYA HIDE LEATHER offers career lasting durability. Top of the line high-density foam...
  • HYBRID DESIGN (PATENT PENDING) Ronin Junior bag comes with precision numbered mapping to help your...
  • 4FT RESILIENCE offers maximum force dispersion and balance. Easy to assemble junior bag base can be...
  • VACUUM LOCK BASE with 12 suction cups for high level stability and unprecedented grip. State of the...
  • HIGH DENSITY FOAM COLLAR protector at the base to increase striking area and enhanced stability....
  • Size: 48” H, 110 pounds
  • Color: Black, blue, silver, golden, green, pink, and red
  • Materials: Maya hide leather, EPE foam, and shredded textile fabric
  • Attributes: Hybrid design 
  • Characteristics High stability and weather-resistant

There was never enough RDX, so another standing bag knowingly strayed onto our list. For $159.00, you can order it in black, blue, silver, golden, green, pink, and red colors. Made of the highest quality materials such as Maya hide leather cover, dense EPE foam, and shredded textile fabric, all of which are held by anti-tear PU lining.

Its superior stability comes to the fore with 12 suction cups at the bottom of the base filled with sand or water and a jolt-dampening connector with excellent cushioning capabilities, making this bag a durable sparring partner for children.

As a special feature, the bag uses a hybrid design with numbers that will help develop hand-eye coordination. That’s not all because you get a high-density foam collar with it, giving you a larger hitting surface.

PEXMOR 47” Freestanding Punching Bag for Kids

PEXMOR 47'' Freestanding Punching Bag for Kids
  • ✔ SAFE & STURDY: The base features 12 suction cups for more stability. 360° shock absorber...
  • ✔ FAST REBOUND: Made of multi-layer high qualified material, 2mm thickened PU leather striking...
  • ✔ DURABLE CONSTUCTION: Tear-resistant boxing bag is sure to withstand long-term onslaught of kicks...
  • ✔ EASY TO SET & USE: Just align holes and screw the base, then attach it on the floor. No sand or...
  • ✔ GIFT FOR KIDS AGED 3-11: Can be used at home where the kids will punch on it not only to let out...
  • Size: Bag (37.4” H x 10.2” W), and base (0.4” H x 11.8” W)
  • Color: Black
  • Materials: PU Leather, steel, and foam
  • Attributes: 24 suction cups for superior stability
  • Characteristics: Highly resilient and long-lasting 

You can buy the PEXMOR freestanding kids bag for $89.99, with final dimensions of 47″ tall and 11.8″ wide, weighing 20 pounds. Available in black color, with a PU leather exterior, the interior is made of EPE foam, eco-friendly fabric buffer, and a stainless steel tube that keeps the bag connected to the base.

The base is completely different from the ones you are used to and uses 24 instead of the usual 12 suction cups for incredible stability. Due to a clever composition of materials, manual nylon sewing seal, and compact machinery stitching, this product guarantees durability and longevity.

It will become a favorite means of entertainment for your little ones. You will install the bag by screwing it to the floor. It is recommended to do this on soft floors.

Happybuy Boxing Punching Bag with Spinning Bar

Happybuy Boxing Punching Bag with Spinning Bar
  • Strong-rebound Speed Ball: Our reflex bag with stand features two inflatable speed balls which are...
  • 360° Reflex Spinning Bar: Standing reflex punching bag, with 360° rotating reaction rod, great for...
  • Height-adjustable Design: Punching bag set with stand for adults, adjustable heights ranges from 1.2...
  • Large & Stable Barrel Base: he 19''/50 cm dia. large barrel base of this freestanding punching bag...
  • Boxing Gloves as Gift: Punching ball for adults, also comes with a pair of boxing gloves and one...
  • Size: 33″ W x 16″H, 30.9 pounds
  • Color: Black and red
  • Materials: PU leather
  • Attributes: Multiple training tools, boxing gloves, and speedball pump
  • Characteristics: Stable and safe

The innovative standing bag from the Happybuy range is an excellent multi-purpose tool for future champions. You can order it for $209.58 in black or red, and it comes with many accessories made of PU leather, such as a 460-degree spinning reflex bar, two-speed bags with springs, and a boxing bag for kicks.

Its stability is high thanks to the suction cups and the base, which was previously filled with sand or water. This seemingly complex construction is not that difficult to set up because you also get an installation tool, speed bag pump, and training gloves as a gift. After all, you can also use this bag with your children.

FEIKUQI Freestanding Punching Bag for Adult YouthKid

FEIKUQI Freestanding Punching Bag for Adult YouthKid
  • 【Punching Bag for Adults】- With one purchase, you will receive a complete set of boxing...
  • 【Freestanding Punching Bag】- Works on any even floors in home and office. Stands approx 70''...
  • 【Strong Sucking Base】- The kickboxing bag has 5MM thicken ABS round base for easy rolling...
  • 【Innovative Shock Absorber Design】-The kickboxing bag is equipped with dual TPU absorbers+4...
  • 【ATTENTION PLEASE】-Base will be more stable if filled with sand than other fillings. Base and...
  • Size: 20” W x 70” H, 205/160 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Materials: PU leather, EPE foam, fabric buffers, and steel
  • Attributes: 12 suction cups and boxing gloves
  • Characteristics: Shock and noise absorbent properties

Feikuqi brings you a standing bag that you and your young fighters can cross for $99.97, or if you want a variant with gloves, then buy it for $129.99. The bag’s weight depends on its filling 205 pounds with sand and 160 pounds with water, and the dimensions are 20″ wide and 70″ high.

The materials in its composition are a PU leather cover and stuffing made of EPE foam and factory buffers and a non-rusting steel bar that holds the bag. With the help of four springs, it absorbs shocks and sounds and provides much less vibration.

Fast rebound and tear-resistant, this bag is put together using thick nylon sewing and machine stitching, giving high durability. Of course, for its stability, it uses 12 strong suction cups, making sure it stays in place.

LEKÄRO Punching Bag for Adult Teens

LEKÄRO Punching Bag for Adult Teens
  • 【High Quality Materials】Adopt four-layer composite structure, tear-resistant, fast rebound and...
  • 【Larger Hitting Area】 There is high-density foam protector acts as a sleeve and increases the...
  • 【Ultra Stable Base】Large size and non-deformable movable polypropylene base, which can hold 80kg...
  • 【Quality Guarantee】Our freestanding punching bags are built to last, we provide a 3-month...
  • 【Handwraps & Gloves】This freestanding punching bag set include a pair of boxing gloves and...
  • Size: 20” W x 70” H, 44 pounds
  • Color: Black-gold, gold-black, and black-red
  • Materials: Leather, EPE foam, rag filling
  • Attributes: Noise reduction 
  • Characteristics: wind-proof, rain-proof, and high durability

The LEKARO standing bag, which you can buy from $109 to $189, depending on your chosen package, has proven to be a quality investment. It is made in 20″ width and 70″ height dimensions and weighs about 44 pounds.

Its exterior consists of a thick leather surface and a layer of force buffer. Its interior is made of thick EPE foam and a rag-filled layer. For its impeccable stability, it uses suction cups, a base you can fill as you wish, and TPU shock absorbers that reduce sound and absorb hits.

If you choose the most expensive variant, you also get gloves, a foam protector for a larger striking surface, and boxing hand wraps with the bag.

Century Lil’ Dragon Wavemaster Training Bag

Century Lil’ Dragon Wavemaster Training Bag
  • The Lil' Dragon Wavemaster is designed for the smallest martial artists.
  • 4 height adjustments from 37" to 52" and a rounded base for easy roll relocation.
  • Screen printed with the Lil' Dragon logo on one side, and colored shapes and numbers on the other...
  • Made of a nylon shell with inner high impact foam.
  • Approx. 170 lbs. when filled with water
  • Size: 10.5” W x 38” H, 170 pounds
  • Color: Purple color and lil’ dragon design
  • Materials: Vinyl, nylon shell, and foam filling
  • Attributes: Number targets for practice
  • Characteristics: Shock-absorbent and stable

Century bag is the cutest bag you will find online for your young martial artist at $179.00. This tiny bag is made 10.5″ wide and 26″ tall for the smallest children with a number punching pattern and lil’ dragon logo, and its base is 12″ tall and 22″ wide.

It comes in purple, its exterior is of vinyl and nylon, and the interior is filled with high-impact foam. It is adjustable from 37″ to 52″ in height, and when filled, it weighs about 170 lbs if you fill it with water. Regardless, it is practical and portable, so just knock it to the side and roll it away.

It can take years of beatings from your children and serve them long in their martial campaigns.

Dripex Freestanding Punching Bag

Dripex Freestanding Punching Bag
  • 👊【A Real Free standing Kickboxing bag】Stand ready for use, no sand or water filling required,...
  • 👊【Cool boxing training equipment for kids】The punching bag stand approx 47" tall, perfect for...
  • 👊【Safe & Stable】360° shock absorber targets slight vibration. 3mm thick anti-rust steel...
  • 👊 【Premium material】Stainless steel tube stand is encased in multi-layer construction: 2mm...
  • 👊 【Easy to Use】The punch bag and the stand will come in 2 separate boxes, just take them out...
  • Size: 47” H x 11.8” W,
  • Color: Red, blue, and black
  • Materials: PU leather, EPE foam, fabric buffers, and steel pole
  • Attributes: Shock and noise absorber spring
  • Characteristics: Tear-resistant and long-lasting

You can order Dripex’s freestanding punching bag for $89.99 in blue, $99.99 in red, and $105.99 in black color. You will install it by screwing it to a soft surface. Its height is 37.4″ and width is 9.5″, while its base is 0.11″ thick and 11.8″ wide.

It is assembled using machine stitching from PU leather, EPE foam, and fabric buffer, and all of this is connected to the base with a stainless steel bar. Using a firm and shock-absorbing spring, it has a high absorbent capacity for both impact and sound.

Its steel base for stability uses suction cups with 176 lbs of sucking power, which sit on a silicone-coated steel base that allows you and your kids to safely kick the bag.

Century Versys Fight Simulator (with 10184B Base)

Century Versys Fight Simulator (with 10184B Base)
  • The most versatile System on the market
  • Ideal for both Stand-Up and ground training
  • Provides you with the most realistic workout next to partner training
  • The most versatile System on the market
  • Ideal for both Stand-Up and ground training
  • Size: 60” H x 10” W, 100 pounds
  • Color: Black-red
  • Materials: Vinyl cover
  • Attributes: Multi-purpose tool
  • Characteristics: Soft but durable and super safe for kids

Finally, we left the Century bag product for the end, as a mixture of a standing bag and a grappling dummy. Its price is $299.00, and it comes in red and black. The bag’s dimensions are 60″ high and 10″ wide, and after filling it with sand, its weight is about 100 pounds.

Its filled base prevents unwanted movements, and its multi-purpose attributes allow you to hit it in a vertical and horizontal position and to do various exercises with the help of its top and bottom handles. It is suitable for multiple martial arts that your child is practicing, and you will also find it useful as a stress reliever or entertainment.

Whoobli Ninja Inflatable Kids Punching Bag

Whoobli Ninja Inflatable Kids Punching Bag
  • ULTIMATE NINJA WARRIOR: Face your Ninja opponent with the Whoobli blow up punching bag for kids! At...
  • RELEASE ENERGY & FRUSTRATION: A kids inflatable punching bag is one of the best stress & anger...
  • QUALITY INFLATABLES: Whoobli inflatable toys are manufactured with reinforced seams and a unique...
  • EASY SETUP: While other weighted punching bags for kids have multiple air-valves, our user-friendly...
  • FREE AIR PUMP: To make setup even easier, we provide a free air pump so you can quickly assemble...
  • Size: ‎7″ W x 47″ H, 1.9 pounds
  • Color: Blue, red, yellow, and purple color, ninja and target model
  • Materials: PVC cover
  • Attributes: Includes air pump
  • Characteristics: Practical, soft, and safe for kids

If you have an unrelenting three-to-seven-year-old ninja in your house, and you cannot calm him down, then the Whoobli inflatable bag is a hit. For $25.97, you can order it in blue, orange, red, or yellow, in ninja or target model.

Made in children’s dimensions 47″ H x 7″ W, weight 1.9 pounds with exterior of PVC material. All you need to do is use a simple air double-lock valve to set it up and fill the base with water for stability. The bag is lightweight, easily portable, and contains bounce-back properties for ultimate fun. You get a free and practical air pump with it as a gift.

Inflatable Punching Bag for Kids

Inflatable Punching Bag for Kids
  • 👊【Upgraded Thickened Material】- The thickness increases of durability on the kids punching...
  • 👊【Sturdy & Widen Bottom Base】- The diameter of the Freestanding Boxing Bag bottom base is 24...
  • 👊【One Size Fits Most】- This kids inflatable punching bags is suitable for kids over 5 years...
  • 👊【Easy To Use & Will Not Tear】 - Simply fill the base with water or sand, if you prefer and...
  • 👊【Energy Release Anger punching Bag】- Kids find relief for their stress or anger in an...
  • Size: 23″W x 63″H, 1.8 pounds
  • Color: Target, Crown, and Ninja pattern
  • Materials: PVC cover
  • Attributes: Pops back rapidly after hitting
  • Characteristics: Soft with superior safety

JUOIFIP freestanding bag is a great first step for young beginners and is made in dimensions of 23″W x 63″H and weighs 1.8 Pounds. As for the appearance, you can choose three patterns when ordering, namely target ($18.95), crown ($20.95), and ninja ($18.95).

This portable bag is made of polyvinyl chloride, which is thick and durable but soft enough for your kids and strong enough not to tear after a thousand hits. All you need to do is fill it with air using the double lock air valve and fill its base with water and sand, which has reinforced seams to make it more durable. The base has a return angle of 180 degrees, adding more fun for your kids.

PremiumDonkey Inflatable Punching Bag for Kids

PremiumDonkey Inflatable Punching Bag for Kids
  • Unplug and Play Anytime - Break the screen cycle with this exciting inflatable punching bag for kids...
  • Ninja-Themed Fun - The dynamic ninja design of this boxing bag with stand appeals to both boys and...
  • Skill Enhancement and Stress Relief - Boost hand-eye coordination, manage stress, and nurture...
  • Versatile for All Ages - PremiumDonkey’s standing punching bag is suitable for kids aged 5-12 and...
  • Built to Last - Crafted from durable, extra thick PVC, this 63" tall inflatable punching bag boxing...
  • Size: 18″ W x 63″ H, 2.4 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Materials: non-toxic PVC cover
  • Attributes: Bounce-back properties
  • Characteristics: Wear-and-tear resistant, durable, and soft

The price of the PremiumDonkey inflatable standing bag is $31.99. Still, if you head over to Amazon’s site, you’ll get a modest -6% discount, so you can buy it for $29.99. This super safe bag for kids comes in black and folded, and it’s up to you to inflate and set it up; you can also store it by returning it to its original position.

It is made of extra thick and non-toxic PVC material with a thickness of 0.015″. It is unbreakable and durable but soft enough for children’s hands. It has a high level of stability and bounces back on impact. Your children will finally have a healthy way to handle tantrums and excess energy, and it’s up to you to make it possible for them.

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