Can You Throw A Punch While Jumping In Boxing? (Efficiency Analysis)

Can you throw a punch while jumping in boxing? It may seem like a strange question, but it’s one that many people have asked over the years. The answer is not as straightforward as you may think. We need to take a look at the science behind throwing a punch while jumping. So we can see if it is even possible or worth doing it. And we also need to see if throwing a punch while jumping is even legal in boxing.

There are no rules that prohibit fighters from jumping and throwing a punch in the air during a boxing match. However, this punch is most often used in MMA or Kickboxing. Also, it has little to no effect on your boxing opponent since it is dodged with ease. There are three main jump punches in existence in boxing and kickboxing. Two of them can be practically used in a boxing match.

You have probably seen quite a few examples of boxers and especially MMA fighters doing a form f a jump punch. Since no rule prohibits you from using the jump punch in boxing, why wouldn’t you try it to surprise your opponent?

Throwing A Jump-Punch In Boxing Is Risky

When you throw a punch, your arm is extended out in front of you. This motion requires a lot of energy, and it’s difficult to generate that energy when you’re jumping. Most of your energy while throwing a punch come from a solid base, which is your feet and the rotation of your hips. This is what generates almost all the power of a punch.

When you jump, your body is in the air, and your muscles are working hard to keep you upright. This means that there is not as much energy available to generate a powerful punch. Another issue with throwing a punch while jumping is the fact that it is difficult to maintain your balance.

When you jump, your body is off-balance, and it is easy to lose your footing. It also gives your opponent an opening since you are midair. Or even when you land, you first need to find your balance, which your opponent can take advantage of. This can lead to disaster if you are trying to throw a powerful punch while jumping!

So, can you throw a punch while jumping in boxing? The answer is yes, but it is not possible to generate the required amount of energy to throw a powerful punch. As we said, most of your energy comes from a solid base and the rotation of your hips.

Since your hips can not rotate since they do not have a solid base, your punches will lose most of their power. You are much more likely to lose your balance and end up getting punched or knocked out yourself!

If you’re looking for an edge in the boxing ring keep two rules of thumb. Focus on your footwork techniques rather than trying to throw punches while jumping. With practice, you will be able to land powerful punches without putting yourself at risk!

The Three Jump-Punches

The three punches that can be used while jumping. They are called the Superman punch, the Gazelle punch (or hook), and the Gazelle jab. The Superman punch is mostly used in MMA or kickboxing since it can give you an element of surprise.

The Superman punch, if used, is mostly frowned upon in boxing. The reseason is because it is seen as an MMA punch, and boxers do not want to bring MMA elements into boxing. The Gazelle punch and the Gazelle jab are mostly used in boxing, while they could be more classified as a leap forward than a jump.

The Superman Punch

The superman punch can be powerful boxing or MMA and kickboxing technique that can knock out an opponent in one hit. It gets its name from the Superman comic book character who is known for his powerful punches.

When you throw the punch, your body resembles the way Superman flies in the comics. One fist in front of you, with your legs mostly behind you. It can be a devastating move for an unprepared opponent when executed correctly.

The Superman punch can be used very smartly in MMA or Kickboxing. You start by throwing your front or back leg slightly in front of you. You use your other leg to jump forward and up while pulling your front leg back at the same time.

This will give you the rotation of the hips you need to generate power. It will also make your opponent believe that you are throwing a front kick or a teep kick (push kick). This will make your opponent brace for impact in the stomach and make him unprepared for the punch.

While you are jumping, extend your opposing arm and hit your opponent. So if you have feinted with the left leg, then you throw the left jab.

The Gazelle Punch

Also called the Gazelle hook. The power of this punch is generated from the jumping motion combined usually with a hook. This punch can result in a knockout blow. One of the main reasons for this is that the opponent sees the fighter drop their level and, as a result, expects a body shot.

As the opponent braces for a body shot, the fighter has the chance to catch him off-guard and hit him in the chin. As the opponent drops their hands to protect the body, the lunging hook can usually be landed on the unprotected head. With the added force from the jumping, twisting motion can result in added impact and a knockout.

This technique was used by some great boxers like Joe Frazier in his fight against Muhammad Ali. Julio Cesar Chavez also used it in his fight against Roger Mayweather on July 7th, 1985. It was also used by the boxer who was the inspiration for the legendary boxing movie Rocky.

The person n question is none other than Rocky Marciano, who used the Gazelle punch quite often. The Gazelle Punch (Hook) can be very devastating if used and landed correctly.

The Gazelle Jab

The Gazelle jab is almost identical to the Gazelle punch (hook). The difference is that the hips do not rotate as much. But they are still used to generate the power of the jab toward your opponent. The Gazelle jab can be used to catch the opponent off guard or close long distances quickly.

One of the most famous boxers who used it for closing distances was Manny Pacquiao since he had a short reach. Both the Gazelle Punch and the Gazelle jab are used for closing longer distances.

Why Is The Superman Punch Not Used In Boxing

One of the first recorded uses of the Superman punch was during UFC 20. During UFC 20, Bas Ruten used the Superman punch against Kevin Randleman. As we said earlier, the Superman punch is legal but rarely used in boxing. There are a few reasons for its rare usage.

The first would be that it doesn’t work as well in boxing as it does in MMA or Kickboxing. The feint also helps produce the punch’s force, but since it can be dodged easily, it makes it ineffective. Since you do not use your kicks in boxing, you also can not use the Superman punch to its full potential. This also makes the Superman punch quite predictable and easy to dodge.

Another reason is that it makes you unbalanced and prone to counter punch as soon as you land, or even in midair. When you land, you need to first balance yourself again, which gives the opponent time to strike you.

Boxers and MMA fighters also “beef“ with each other since both groups think their combat sport is better. For this reason, boxers look down on the Superman punch since it is considered an MMA punch. They do not want MMA moves to be used in boxing.

Boxers do not want elements of MMA or other martial arts coming into their domain. Boxers also practice a greater amount of punch defenses than MMA fighters. This makes the Superman punch risky since it could be defended against and countered.

Also worth noting in boxing, as in most combat sports, there is a degree of etiquette and certain unwritten rules. It is assumed that most fighters are aware of them. The usage of the Superman punch would be against boxing etiquette. Therefore it is not used almost ever.

In Which Martial Arts Can You Use Jump-Punches

Jump Punches, especially the Superman punch, are used in many different martial arts around the world. MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Lethwei, and Combat Sambo are the most notable examples. Maybe even sometimes Karate, and Taekwondo. It is also used as a trademark move by Roman Reigns in WWE (Say it with me: “Professional wrestling like WWE is not real martial art!“)

It is quite often used in MMA by fighters who use the cage as a jump surface. Meaning they put one foot on the cage and use it as a spring to jump into their opponent. This is one of the more common ways the Superman punch is used.

What Is Illegal In Boxing

There are several moves that are illegal in boxing, including:

  • Headbutting
  • Biting
  • Eye gouginz
  • Hair pulling
  • Fish hooking
  • Groin shots
  • Spinning back fist
  • Kicking
  • Low blows
  • Punching the back of the head or neck
  • Small joint manipulation

If a boxer is found to have committed any of these infractions, he will be penalized in the best case. But most likely he will be immediately disqualified from the match.

The Rabbit Punch

The punch to the back of the opponent’s head is maybe the most dangerous move in boxing. It can heavily injure the opponent or even cause death in more severe situations. The punch to the back of the head is called The Rabbit Punch. It is illegal in almost all striking sports.

There are a few reasons why punches to the back of the head are illegal in boxing. First, they can be very dangerous and can lead to serious injuries. Punching the opponent into the back of his head can cause the brain stem to detach from the brain. It can cause imminent death.

Second, they can be used as a way to gain an unfair advantage over an opponent. Finally, punches to the back of the head are often considered unfair because they can be difficult for an opponent to defend against.

The Spinning Back Fist

You might also wonder if the spinning back fist is illegal to use in boxing. It is one of the “flashier“ moves used sometimes in MMA or Kickboxing. The move is often quite effective in MMA or Kickboxing since it can catch the opponent off guard. If landed correctly, it can knock the opponent down. So is the move legal in boxing?

No, a spinning back fist is not legal in boxing. This move is often used in mixed martial arts (MMA), but it is not allowed in boxing matches. If a boxer uses a spinning back fist during a match, they will be disqualified.

The punch is illegal in boxing, but it is also quite ineffective since boxers can easily defend against this move. So, while you may see fighters using this move in MMA, don’t expect to see it in boxing.


While the Jump-punches per se are not illegal to use in a boxing match, it is highly advised to avoid most of them. The two jump punches that can be used in boxing are the Gazelle punch and the Gazelle jab.
The one punch that should be avoided in a boxing match is the Superman punch. It can put you in a dangerous position, and it will probably make you miss your opponent. The Superman punch should be used in kickboxing style martial arts like MMA, Muay Thai, or Kickboxing.

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