15 Fattest Boxers of All Time – from 270 to 450 pounds

Dustin Nichols – 450 lbs/ 204 kg

Record: 5-14-0

Worm’s victories have been over boxers without a single win on their record. Dustin Nichols has not had a single fight that lasted the entire distance in his career. Only Suji Foxx could get one win after facing Nichols out of the five fighters he defeated.

Dustin’s most famous fight was against future world champion Deontay Wilder, who did nothing but pad his record on such special boxing phenomena in those days. Then Nichols ran behind Wilder for three minutes and decided not to go up for the second round.

In the fight against Antonio Johnson aforementioned, the combined weight of the two boxers was 780 lbs/ 353 kg. The maximum weight Nikolas – is 450lbs/ 204.1 kg, which “The Worm” gained in December 2011. He lost the fight to Justin Jones in the middle of the second round. A few years later, he lost weight to almost 320 lbs/ 145 kilograms, but that did not save him from defeat.

The last time before entering the ring, the scales under Nichols showed 400 lbs/ 181.4 kilograms. This was Nichols’ third fight in four months, and the 36-year-old boxer hasn’t been in the ring since last April.

Eric Esch – 426,5 lbs/ 193,5 kg

Record: 77-10-4

As Eric’s nickname “Butterbean” implies, he was a huge man. He competed as a heavyweight for most of his career but also fought at super heavyweight later. He weighed close to 400 pounds at his peak and was one of the heaviest—and fattest—boxers ever. Butterbean found great success in the ring despite his size, winning multiple world titles and becoming a fan favorite.

He may not be the most famous boxer in the world, but Eric “Butterbean” Esch is a legend in his own right. Butterbean’s story is one of the rags to riches, as he went from being a poor kid growing up in the backwoods of Alabama to becoming one of the most famous heavyweight boxers in history.

In addition to his boxing career, Butterbean has also found success as an actor, reality TV star, and spokesperson. By the end of his career, he had accumulated 77 wins (58 by KO) and 10 losses. This shows that skill and technique are more important than size and weight.

Antonio Johnson – 380 lbs/ 172,4 kg

Record: 7-3-1

Antonio Maurice Woods Johnson is an American pro boxer. His career was from 2016 to 2019, during which he had 11 fights. Seven of these fights he won and five of them by KO. Johnson last fought in May 2019. And there is no info about his weight in that fight.

But during the previous fight, he weighed 379 lbs. And then, the total weight of the boxers exceeded 778 lbs/ 353 kg. It was a fight against the early mentioned Dustin Nichols, where Johnson won by TKO. In 2019 he had his last fight.

Chauncy Welliver – 378 lbs/ 171 kg

Record: 57-13-5

Last but not least, we have Chauncy Welliver. Welliver is an American heavyweight boxer who has competed professionally since 2003. His professional record stands at 57 wins, where 23 are by KO, 13 losses, and five draws, which is very impressive when you consider that he was never knocked out in his whole career.

Welliver is another heavyweight who has found success despite being overweight. He is a very experienced boxer and has fought some of the best in the world. The WBC at one time ranked him as the #5 heavyweight in the world, which is a testament to his skill and ability.

Size and weight don’t matter as much as technique and skill in boxing. These five heavyweights are proof of that. So, if you’re looking to get into boxing, keep your size from holding you back. You can be successful no matter what your size is.

Terry Tuteru – 368,5 lbs/ 167 kg

Record: 0-10-0

Terry Tuteru, nicknamed Fasa Terry Tini, is a New Zealand professional boxer. It is worth mentioning that in his first fights, he weighed up to 300lbs, and only later, in 2006, he exceeded this weight. Unfortunately, Terry was not very good at fighting.

Out of his 11 fights, he lost 10, four of them by KO’s, and one fight ended in a draw. In 2012 he had his last fight, where he lost to Joseph Parker by KO. He also competes in kickboxing as a heavyweight.

Gabe Brown – 367 lbs/ 166,5 kg

Record: 18-17-4

Brown had his first seven fights back in the late ’90s when he weighed a relatively normal 260 to 300 pounds. Then he had a three-year break and came back as a 330-pounder. Despite the highly disappointing end of his career, Brown had 14 fights without a single win, the period when he faced Bruce Seldon, Bert Cooper, and Samuel Peter.

In the fight with Peter, “Big G” gained 361 pounds. He lost that fight by TKO in the fourth round. After that, Brown tried to return to form. Twice his fighting weight was only 300 lbs. But Big G’s losing streak continued, so for the last fight of his career, he came out at 355 pounds.

Dennis Lewandowski – 352 lbs/ 160 kg

Record: 17-5-0

Lewandowski is a German boxer who competes in the heavyweight division. The first professional fight was with 20-year-old Dennis Lewandowski on November 8, 2014. It was a fight against Zoltan Beres.

Dennis won by a point decision (PTS). His professional record stands at 17 wins, where eight were by KO and five losses, which is nothing to scoff at.

Lewandowski has found great success in the heavyweight division, despite being one of the heavier fighters. He has excellent Knockout power, as evidenced by his professional record, and is also a very skilled technical boxer. Lewandowski has won multiple German heavyweight titles and is regarded as one of the best heavyweights in Germany.

Kevin Karusa – 346,5/ 157 kg

Record: 1-2-0

The New Zealander had all three fights in 2009. He debuted in March, when he weighed 253 pounds, knocking out another debutant Ben Nakashima. By June, Karusa gained 66 pounds; another month later, he gained 26 pounds.

As a result, by the last fight of his career, he weighed 346,5 lbs/ 157.1 kg. In this fight, he was defeated by Mark de Mori, who used to get the record on such fighters. Later, David Haye knocked de Maury himself out in the first round.

Salvador Farnetti – 342,5 lbs/ 155 kg

Record: 3-15-3

Another American boxer nicknamed Sal. His pro boxing career lasted from 2001 to 2009. During this time, he had 21 fights, but unfortunately, he could have been more successful. He won only 3 of them, 15 of them he lost, and 12 by Knockout.

But if anyone knows him, it’s probably because of his fight against the famous Eric Esch. In this fight, he lost to Eric in the first minute of the first round by TKO. His last fight was in 2009, when he was lost by TKO to Lionel Davis.

Joe Siciliano – 313,5 lbs/ 142 kg

Record: 5-4-0

Joe Siciliano is an American pro boxer. He is also one of the opponents of the legendary Eric Esch. I would like to point out that Joe mainly weighed less than 300 lbs, between 250 and 290 lbs. In his almost 12 years career, he had nine fights in which he won 5, 3 of them by TKO.

In the 2007 fight against Butterbean, Joe reached his maximum weight of 313.5 pounds, while Eric weighed all 417 pounds. He lost that fight to TKO. Four years later, Joe fought his last fight against Carossee Auponte at 288 pounds, which he won by TKO.

Andy Ruiz Jr. – 297,5 lbs/ 135 kg

Records: 35-2-0

Another heavyweight who’s found success despite carrying around extra weight is Andy Ruiz. Current mandatory challenger for the WBA regular world title among professionals. Former WBA (Super), WBO, IBF, and IBO (2019) unified world champion. North American NABF Heavyweight Champion (2013-2016).

In 2019, Ruiz made headlines when he scored a stunning upset victory over Anthony Joshua to win the heavyweight title. He would go on to lose the title back to Joshua in their rematch later that year but proved that “fat” boxers could compete at the sport’s highest level. At nearly 300 pounds, Ruiz was one of history’s heaviest—and fattest—champions.

Samuel Peter – 291 lbs/ 132 kg

Record: 38-9-0

Samuel Okon Peter is a Nigerian professional heavyweight boxer. He participated in the 2000 Olympic Games. Former world heavyweight champion: interim WBC title (2007); WBC version (2008).

Included in BoxRec’s Top Ten World Heavyweights of the Year 2004-2006. He made his debut in February 2001. Peter defeated almost all of his opponents early. On March 7, 2003, in his first 10-rounder, Peter knocked out Del Crowle and won his first WBC South title.

In May 2004, he defeated Charles Shufford on points. In December 2004, he sent Jeremy Williams to the hardest knockout in the 2nd round. In January 2005, Peter faced Yanqui Diaz. In September 2005, Samuel Peter and Wladimir Klitschko fought for the vacant IBF and WBO world titles. It was a fight between two punchers.

Mindful of his recent failures against Corrie Sanders and Lamond Brewster, Klitschko tried not to get into an open fight, keeping his distance from his opponent. In the 5th round, Peter sent Klitschko down twice. In the 10th round, Klitschko was on the canvas again.

Klitschko dominated all rounds except those in which he ended up on the ring floor. In the 12th round, Klitschko shook Peter but didn’t finish him. At the end of the fight, Klitschko was declared the winner by the unanimous decision of the judges. Peter also faced Klitschko for the second time in 2010, losing by knockout. He finished his career in 2019.

Mark Hunt – 284,5 lbs/ 129 kg

Record: 1-2-1

Mark Hunt is a New Zealand mixed martial arts fighter, boxer, and former kickboxer of Samoan descent, best known for his appearances in K-1, Pride, and UFC. In the martial arts world, Mark Hunt is known for his outstanding physical strength, knockout punching, and “iron chin” – his ability to withstand the toughest blows to the head. As a kickboxer, he shocked fans on December 8, 2001, by winning the K-1 World Grand Prix finals.

He is not very famous in boxing compared to MMA, as he has only had four fights. The first was back in 1998, and the second was in 2000. He had two more fights after his MMA career: in 2020 and in 2022, where he won by TKO.

Riddick Bowe – 280 lbs/ 127 kg

Record: 43-1-0

Riddick Bowe is an American professional boxer who competed in the heavyweight category. Silver medalist of the XXIV Olympic Games in the weight class over 91 kg (1988). World all-around heavyweight champion (1992). World Heavyweight Champion of the World at WBC (1992), WBA (1992-1993), IBF (1992-1993), and also WBO (1995). Recognized as “Boxer of the Year” by “Ring” magazine (1992).

During his amateur career, he fought 122 fights, 104 of which he won. He made his debut fight in March 1989, knocking out Lionel Butler in the 2nd round. Bow fought a total of 13 fights in 1989, winning them all.

In September 1990, Riddick Bowe defeated former world champion, Pinklon Thomas. In 1992 and ’93, he met Evander Holyfield in the ring; in the first fight, he won but lost the second one by the judges’ decision. His last fight was in 2008 when he defeated the German boxer Gene Pukalu.

Tyson Fury – 277 lbs/ 125,6 kg

Record: 32-0-2

European Champion, according to EBU (2014). Winner of the European Union Junior Championship (2007). British ABA champion (2008). WBC World Champion (2020-present). Former IBF World Champion (2015); WBA (Super); WBO, IBO (2015-2016); The Ring (2015-2018; 2020).

In 2015, Tyson Fury shocked the boxing world when he defeated Wladimir Klitschko to claim the heavyweight title. At 27 years old and nearly 280 pounds, Fury was one of the heaviest and fattest boxers to ever hold the heavyweight crown. Since then, Fury has gone on to have even more success in the ring, including a win over Deontay Wilder in 2020 that cemented his place as one of the best heavyweights in the world today.

Tyson Fury is regarded as one of the heavyweight GOATs. Despite being on the heavier side, his athleticism and technique are superb. He has excellent head movement, which makes him very hard to hit, and his footwork is also very good for a man of his size. He punches with surprising power for a heavyweight, as evidenced by how he hurt Wilder multiple times in their 2020 bout.

Fury isn’t the only heavyweight boxer who has found success despite carrying around extra weight. Several other heavyweights have bucked the trend recently and proven that you don’t need to be ripped to be a champion.

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